17 Strategic Missile Forces Museum – Intercontinental Wars

Strategic Missile Forces Museum – Intercontinental Wars

Posted on June 24, 2010 by team


These photos are taken in the Strategic Missile Forces Museum. Its exhibits unveil much interesting, they make us think that our ideas about missilery are often mistaken.


Territory of the former unit.

Control panel.


Ration for the duty.

Another panel.


Command console of the missile launcher.


Intercontinental missile silo.


A place to launch a missile.


Leisure area of duty personnel.


Radiation consequences.


Other control panels.


That’s how it looks like under the ground.


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17 Responses to “Strategic Missile Forces Museum – Intercontinental Wars”

  1. Mr. Anti-Semite says:

    Too bad they didn’t launch one at Israel, oh yeah, first.

    • Erik says:

      No that would hurt those poor oppressed Palestine people. Better to cut off the funding at the source, Jew S of A.

  2. Turbo says:

    2ndrst :((((((((

  3. me says:


    (i’m not russian but i admire your country)

  4. tomas says:

    Yessssssss, I wish I could ever visit museums both in USA and Russia.

  5. m desbiens says:

    i live in Canada 4 km away from a damm F 18 base…..can only dream of having such beautiful missiles in my yard to ….make them a ««firework-like surprise!!

  6. Cracker says:

    I wonder if it is possible to buy one of those Soviet missile trucks. I always loved those things. Imagine driving down a US highway in one of those bad boys.

  7. jebacRuskinja says:

    jebem sve Srpkinje i Ruskinje u njihove uske cmarove!

  8. JackSparrow says:

    I hope that in less than 30 years from now every country would stop using nuclear weapons for ever .

  9. JackSparrow says:

    I hope that in less than 30 years from now they would stop using nucelar weapons in every country for ever .

  10. YJ says:

    Missile equality for everyone, good for defense, good for business.

  11. Musa says:

    Is this Strategic Missile Forces Museum in Ukraine?

    This is interesting stuff, thanks to photographer and ER for the post.

    It brings back memories of my early childhood and “duck and cover” drills in elementary school.

    I hated those drills because they made us get down on that cold hard floor with our little bare legs in a very uncomfortable position, for what seemed like forever.
    Anyway, I would love to visit this museum someday.

  12. Andrei says:


  13. Jimmy says:

    This impressive. Must be visiting the museum. The official website of the museum http://www.rvsn.com.ua not enough to describe how to get to them. Can anyone help?

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