13 Saint Sins

Saint Sins

Posted on June 19, 2010 by team


That was a picture to be seen recently in Kiev. Luxury Mansory customized Bentley Continental GT (about  $400 000).

24334354via warnet.ws

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13 Responses to “Saint Sins”

  1. Luis says:


  2. Jewish the prostitute says:

    O those russians……. :)

  3. Alexander D. says:

    The original link is here: http://www.topgir.com.ua/SUPERCARS/Bentley/2327.html

    That page says that the girl is the owner of the car, and that she has brought the car to the church for the priest to bless it. The girl is from a very rich family.

  4. Tanya Z says:

    Was he going to a bad taste party?

  5. Doomer says:

    The guy dressed as an Orthodox priest :)

  6. YJ says:

    Priest doing devil’s bidding I see.

  7. Doomer says:

    I read the source in Russian and got the idea
    The owner is that lady on the picture
    I guess she asked the priest to sanctify the car

  8. Doomer says:

    BTW the building on the background is an Orthodox church

  9. Aviator says:

    Rasputin’s car?

  10. Ones says:

    So, whats the point of this Article?? i dont get it

  11. w says:

    tasteless car shapeless dress

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