15 Boozy Bathing in the Mud

Boozy Bathing in the Mud

Posted on June 16, 2010 by team

Bathing in the Mud 1

Motor festival “Medvezhy Ugol” (“Bear Corner”) . A drunk driver of Bentley stopped in the mud and decided to bathe there. Poor car!

Bathing in the Mud 2Bathing in the Mud 3Bathing in the Mud 4Bathing in the Mud 5Bathing in the Mud 6Bathing in the Mud 7Bathing in the Mud 8Bathing in the Mud 9Bathing in the Mud 10Bathing in the Mud 11Bathing in the Mud 12


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15 Responses to “Boozy Bathing in the Mud”

  1. too much vodka says:


  2. lolox says:

    Ahahahahah, great 1 ST post. Not only “first posters/no life” pollute blogs, but they also show how illiterate they are. Congrats Turbo!

  3. Boy that guy is silly drunk.

  4. Mizz(A)... says:

    Looks like me… But replace the Bentley with a rusty Volvo…

  5. Macsen says:

    Yeehaw! Looks fun!

  6. Xenom says:

    Aston Martin? Realy, Ivana? Aston? Lol…

  7. Boritz says:

    Must have been a rental.

  8. ivo says:

    Two much money, little brains

  9. Papa Carlo says:

    Why soo many almost identical pictures ?

  10. Chris says:

    Durniye kolkhozniki.

  11. bruno says:

    é claro que é um aston martin.alem do mais pessoas ricas nao se importam e estragar um carro caro,o seguro paga tudo para eles.

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