26 Legendary Rally of Vintage Cars

Legendary Rally of Vintage Cars

Posted on June 4, 2010 by team

Legendary Rally of Vintage Cars 1

30th, May, 2010 in Moscow there was held a legendary rally of vintage cars L.U.C. Chopard Classic Weekend, organized at the assistance of  a watchmaking and jewelry company Chopard.
In accord with a schedule in the rally there participated cue cars of 1969′ series.

Legendary Rally of Vintage Cars 2Legendary Rally of Vintage Cars 3


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26 Responses to “Legendary Rally of Vintage Cars”

  1. jim jam says:

    Some beautiful machines there!

  2. Zondernaam says:

    De eersten.

  3. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Beautiful! Nice work Russia…

  4. allen says:

    The Mercedes in photo #2 looks like the ‘Blue Goose” 540K formally owned by Hermann Goering.

  5. Byron76 says:

    Passion for cars it’s very strong there in Russia, really nice examples!!!
    Greetings from Argentina!

  6. DouglasUrantia says:

    I’m always amazed to see where beloved old American cars show up and are put on display. We live a strange world for sure. Of course Russia and the US are currently in a process of role reversal, so I’m not surprised.

    • SSSR says:

      Corvette is famous around the world,like Harley Davidson.I am not surprised there is a vintage vette in Moscow.

  7. jed118 says:

    Chaika! Cool! Hopefully transmission did not break like on Top Gear!

  8. Steamed McQueen says:

    One of the things that always intrigued me about Russians is how strongly they defend their culture, i.e. ‘Anything Russian is good, anything not Russian is not good’, yet it appears that anyone who can afford to does not want to own or use a Russian anything.

    Nice cars though.

  9. w says:

    wow a couple of amazing cars there… some lemons too

  10. Howard things in Glockomora says:

    Absolutely stunning machines set to a perfect backdrop of architecture.
    All really rather lovely.

  11. CZenda says:

    The Ferrari-Maserati is a mega-cool pair! It would be nice to add Lancia Aurelia B24 or AR Giulietta Spider Veloce to the lineup. I never liked the Detroit dinosaurs too much.

  12. Jim-bob says:

    I want that M20 Pobeda, and that M21 Volga! Sorry, but even the Ferrari does nothing for me compared to the forbidden fruit (in the US at least) that is a GAZ. I kinda want to do a bit of a rat rod variant of the M20 too, you know, do an engine swap with the V8 out of a Tchaika, lower it a bit on a set of wide whites and red rims while leaving the body in it’s original patina.

  13. Vintage car are the best, nice! (Maybe in the third photo, the white car is a Chaika?)

  14. Crispy Critter says:

    The white car in the third photo is a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. In the 1950s and 60s, it was standard practice for American car makers to change body styles every year – and sometimes the changes were quite radical. The 1955-1957 Chevys had a generally similar design, but different sheet metal and grilles.

    The fourth from the last is a 1959 Chevy Impala; note the much lower and wider design than the ’57.

    The Corvettes, a 1962 and a (?)1959 are also Chevrolet products.

  15. Boris Abramov says:

    I dread to think how much the Merc 540K (second photo) must cost. I am guessing well over $1,000,000…

  16. Look at the dashboard of that Chevy Impala! That brings be back to when interiors were beautiful, functional, and dangerous with all that steel, especially the horn. Those steel horn bands would impale people in accidents.

  17. GrecoCypriot says:

    they remind me of fallout 3 cars

  18. SSSR says:

    So how many army jeeps from the USA does Russia have?

  19. ktx says:

    truly legendary :)

  20. Asian says:

    What is that black car?.It looks like Draculas car.(which is below the American jeep)

  21. Andrasone-HUN says:

    Where are the wonderful Russian vintage cars?

  22. CITY says:


  23. Rick A says:

    How do you know they are capitalists?
    They could easily be communists or plain political neutral.
    Please look at the top communist policians and see what kind of cars they drove througout time.

    Some of these cars are cheap to buy, especially if they were in a poor condition, or they might have been in the family for generations.

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