26 Soviet Navy 1976

Soviet Navy 1976

Posted on June 3, 2010 by team

Album of a Dischargee 1

This cool album with black and white photos of a guy serving in Soviet army and visiting some distant countries has been found somewhere on the attic under a coat of dust.

Album of a Dischargee 2Album of a Dischargee 3


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26 Responses to “Soviet Navy 1976”

  1. Zondernaam says:


  2. w says:

    I thought discharge is what women get

    • Musa says:

      Medically speaking males can get discharge as well.

      I am having difficult time believing you did not know that already.

  3. Unknown says:

    Great photos!

  4. perristalsis says:

    The carrier, CVA 68 is the U.S.S. Nimitz, the destroyer is the U.S.S. Barry, DD 933.

    You can take any sailor’s cruise-book, no matter what country, no matter what time, and find exactly the same contents: longing for home, the girl he left behind, the adventure of travel to new lands, the unforgettable bonding with your shipmates, the pride of your own vessel, the challenge of life at sea.

    Sailors have always felt they were a cut above their landlubber counterparts because of this, and when we get old and can no longer go to sea, the stories we have for children will always remind us of what once was.

    -perristalsis, USN 1969- 1973

    • OldBikr says:

      Yepper, sailorz iz alwayz sailorz. Been that way since Noah.

      Funny to think about the fact that, John Paul Jones served in both the Russian Navy and the American Navy.

  5. Very cool pictures. It would be nice to think that the purpose of this site is too remind us we are all human beings with the same dreams, hopes, desires…

  6. too much vodka says:

    Funny, the nco holding that fish in pic. nr. 20 looks 100% like my lieutenant when I was doing my military service. The only difference was that I was not sitting on some fancy ship but 30 meters under ground in some dark air force bunker.

  7. Testicules says:

    I wonder how they cooked that grouper. I recommend blackening it Cajun style.

  8. Leo Petr says:

    I love the drawing of American GIs.

  9. Central Harlem Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing. A great novel could be written about these sailors.

  10. Yahel says:

    My father has the same album, he is Russian. But his pictures (which he drew himself) are better than these.

  11. Original Kirov says:

    A great post!

  12. CZenda says:

    The map showing Syria and Egypt without Lebanon and Israel is a work of pure propaganda genius :-D

    • zax says:

      No, he was just really bad at geography. :) He shifted eastern border of Yugoslavia almost 1000 km to the west, giving about 3/4 of it to “Grecia”. The location of Rijeka (a major port in Croatia, then Croatia, Yugoslavia) is about correct. I don’t think his drawing had any political meaning, although it’s funny how he chose the position of that line…

    • david says:

      Curiously, while many of the names in the map are written in Spanish (grecia, roma, siria, francia), Spain itshelf is labeled “Ispania”.
      Anyway, it seems our sailor got some cosmopolitan culture during his trips.

  13. Tovarich_Volk says:

    Is Picture #18 his Shellback certificate?

  14. Cracker says:

    Wow! The Soviets had dolphins too! I never knew.

  15. kalashnikov says:

    Are the photos of the Soviet Navy posing with the Arab kids taken in Syria, in the port of Tartus? Or is that in South Yemen?

  16. ivo says:

    yes. there is nimitz

  17. exUSSR says:

    amazing pictures

  18. Raul R says:

    Your photos are awesome, I liked, I can not decide by any, I love everything related to the maritime, thanks for sharing friend, are to print and put in a frame.


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