79 Nazi Food

Nazi Food

Posted on June 1, 2010 by team

Recently in Moscow supermarkets there have appeared swastika stickers on Lithuanian products. The day before the youth movement “Nashi” (“Ours”) called to declare a boycotte to the Lithuanian goods because the Klaipeda court had announced swastika to be a historic heritage of Lithuania.

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79 Responses to “Nazi Food”

  1. Zjoske says:

    Me? first?

  2. Indy75 says:

    Klaipeda court should take marketing lessons. This will definitely not help the export of Lithuanian goods in most (if not all) European countries…

    • CZenda says:

      I can assure you that customers where I live do not give a flying fcuk about what Putinjugend think of Lithuania or about the Lithuanian court decision concerning s*w*a*s*t*i*k*a.

    • Here we go again says:

      Ah, it seems I hit another t/a/b/o_o words blocked by c*e*n_s/o*r. Again:
      I can assure you that customers where I live do not give a flying f_c_u_k about what P_u_t*i_n*j_u*g*_end think of L_i_t_h_u*a*n*i*a or about the Lit_hua_nian court decision concerning s*w*a*s_t*i*k*a.

  3. Younge says:

    Funny thing is that court announced that the photos of historic heritage(about 800 years old) with swastika on them are not the same thing as swastika itself. It’s slippery thing to decide whether it’s swastika or not. But let’s agree, Nashi are not the smartest guys in the world as well.

  4. too much vodka says:

    And then Russians wonder why their neighbours don’t like them.

    • moscovitian says:

      We don’t nave to like our neighbours.
      Give me a reason why we have to do that?

      • Leo Petr says:

        Getting along with neighbouring countries is good for tourism, exchange of culture, and progress in science and technology. Greater works of art, literature, and cinematography come of shared experience. Academic symposiums are more productive when there isn’t pointless disagreement over nationalism.

        The history of the last two centuries has been about creating prosperity by removing customs barriers and allowing for the free movement of people, goods, and ideas.

      • zzz says:

        hence, nooone likes you

        • Yes, and they don’t like you either, evidently.Especially the ones you occupied. This nonsense about the Swatstika? Communist propaganda. Spreading lies about former enslaved countries that have broken free, boo hoo they don’t like us.

      • too much vodka says:

        You can’t even read, I was talking about your neighbours liking you, not the other way round. Everyone knows that Russians are genetically incapable of doing something positive.

    • eger_666 says:

      Lithuinia dislike us, we do the same.
      India, Greece, etc like us, we do the same.

  5. nbl says:

    oh nothing new here. just another smear compain against baltic states.

    and yes the historic heritage court was talking about is 800 hundred years old.

    btw you can find svastica in variuos cultures from budism to ancient baltic believes.

    but who cares – baltics anyway are bigger nazis then hitler was ;)

  6. Kirov says:

    Another show made by putins puppet army….

  7. JAHLIVE says:

    Please find a difference between budism svastica (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A4%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%BB:HinduSwastika.svg) and nazi svastika (http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A4%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%BB:Flag_of_Nazi_Germany_(1933-1945).svg).

    this one looks like nazi. Do you agree?

  8. Maraudon says:

    Awesome! I would like to imagine that kind of panic/riot would burst up if it turned up swasticas on food in Sweden.

    • beaver666 says:

      But it is OK that Aeroflot flies to Sweden still wearing hammer and sickle on livery, isn’t this conflicting?

  9. tomasg says:

    after that I can say that russians society is sick !!!

  10. Annoy says:

    Putinjugend strikes again.

    • spirit says:

      I have to agree. Putin is like Stalin and Nashi is a communist party. Everyone but some in Russia knows that.

  11. TIMIS says:

    nashi dont even imagine what court was about, but who cears? they know just Putins way… Forbid or be forbiden. They dont have brains in their heads.

  12. bob says:


  13. zombie says:

    where can i buy it?!

  14. Fedor says:

    Where I can buy it?

  15. Erik says:

    Yet we have entire stores devoted to hammers and sickles…

  16. from lithuania says:

    thats great. russians make their minorities’ life in lithuania ‘better’..

  17. Schultenbrau says:

    Edam cheese from Lithuania? Edam is a Dutch city and famous for its cheese.
    And once proven again that Russians have no morals and are infantile paupers.

    • Alexander says:

      I can say only one thing what i notice in Lithuania, Lithuanian are sick rusofobes. They cannot understand firstly that such situation was everywhere at 1930s. Second that was Stalinism, and third before occupation Baltic states was agrarian primitive state, without any industry, emigration was so hight. So now u can be happy u got what u r dreamed about.

      My wife Lithuanian, she think Lithuania sick country with no future.

      • My Name Is Nobody says:

        Who told you this – a teacher drunk on bad samogon?

      • wway says:

        What kind of history is that?

        Latvia had industry – VEF made award winning radios and the Minox photo camera. Railroad cart factory was shipping most of it’s products to Russia, and they also made Ford trucks by a license.
        Yes, Latvia was mostly agricultural – but it was great – pork and butter were exported to all of Europe.
        And no one was emigrating – why would they, even my grandmothers mom could pay for a gymnasium in the capital, while her parents ware simple farmers.

        People are not russofobes in Baltics – Russians simply are the symbol of occupation. That is it.

      • panda says:

        dude, Lithaunia is not Russia, just go home and be happy, forget about ‘bad lithaunians’.

        Is that so hard?

      • Intelligence office says:

        For example, Latvia was one of the most wealthy countries of THE WORLD…



    • Carlo says:

      “…, in our capital to celebrate their god damned den pobeda…” Thanks for writing this. I am not a big fan of Russians but from reading your posts it looks like some Lithuanians are much worse. Just read some history. According to plan ‘Barbarossa’ the Germans planned to eliminate some races like Jews and gypsies completely. With Slavic nations they wanted to be more “generous” i.e. not to kill everyone but leave a portion mostly of rural population but turn them into slaves as someone still would have to work on that enormous land. On the other hand the same soldiers were treated by authorities not much better. Any hint of betrayal or even failure to achieve success at certain missions for example a failure to not fall into German hands most likely caused immediate execution. So those veterans you despise so much have every right to celebrate their victory just for managing to stay alive and I actually have very big trouble understanding your annoyance with it.

    • Alex says:

      Tsssss Copycats and nazi’s!

  18. passing-by says:

    Welcome to the Baltic club, Lithuanians, as Latvians and Estonians has seen Russian boycotts and hatred campaings.

  19. A random person from Finland says:

    Hey russians why you dont hate me? Oh right… :D

  20. jankro64 says:

    Swastika is used even today – for instance in the President Standard of Finland:


  21. Montesquieu says:

    The Swastika may have had a completely different meaning prior to it becoming a symbol of Hatred and Murder, but as a result of the efforts of Hitler and the Third Reich, the Swastika will forever be associated as that symbol of Third Reich of Hatred and White Supremacy.

    So it has little merit to speak about how the swastika has been around for centuries, simply because no one associates the symbol first and foremost with paganism and religion.

  22. Question: what is differnce between swatstika and hammer and sickle? Answer: nothing.

    • Jorgen says:

      Correct answer: couple of thousands of years :)

      • Actually, the easliest examples of the swatstika go back to 10,000BC. However, I was speaking metaphorically. Apparently, in the Catholic Church that Hitler attended as a boy, there is a swatstika type symbol above the altar. I am sorry I have no information or detail on that symbol. Prehaps you or another reader can enlighten us?

  23. mukmika says:

    The swastika was used in other parts of the world long before the Nazis came along.A product should not be judged by a symbol on the package, but by the quality.

    • Jorgen says:

      Swastika on the package was put by Putinjungend aka “Nashi”, not the company itself.

      By the way, Carlsberg museum in Denmark is exposing a beer bottle with swastika, from the beginning of XX century. Shouldn’t those russian dumbheads hate soccer then? Carlsberg is quite a sponsor of soccer cups…

  24. Jānis says:

    What the f is this with censoring out viewpoints of people?

  25. DavidDerKlabauter says:

    the swastika has a lot of meanings. it is or was used in hinduism, buddhism, and many, many more cultures. sadly, most people only know the 45° angled version of the nazis.

    thank you very much, adolf.

  26. Adolf says:

    Der dritte ryche wird seit eintausend Jahren dauern!!

  27. to PUTINJUGEND says:

    a historic heritage of Lithuania? IT IS HISTORIC HERITAGE OF ALL EUROPE!!! Not the first time when russians intrepret history like they want!


  28. Schultenbrau says:

    The Russians I have met all stank from their mouths. Why do they don’t go the dentist? Because they prefer the gold around the neck than in the mouth.

  29. marcius says:


    They actually pay 7.70LT (2.75$)
    That would be 2.75$, here in Lithuania you could buy it for ~1.8$…

  30. Boris Abramov says:

    Isn’t is ironic that the “archeologists” putting up the case for Swastika’s heritage status chose to present their “findings” in the form of placards on the day that is synonymous with Nazi salutes, SS uniforms and skinhead gatherings in Lithuania?


  31. Vinicius Souza Chaves says:

    Será que a Lituania é um reduto de nazistas? Não sou defensor de judeus, mas não gosto de nazistas. Foram criaturas que maltrataram muitas pessoas.

    Saudações do Brasil, terra do mais bonito céu do planeta.

    • asdaf says:

      No there are no nazis, however in Russia are some young nazis, named “NAŠI”, who are loyal to Putin or some other parties, and like to make some actions to countries who are against nowadays Russian politics. Ironical : Nazis protest against Nazis symbols, driven by old system remnants, which fought against Nazi symbols, but still used same methods.

  32. Don’t let a few pictures over blow this thing. A few radicals planted a few stickers, nothing more, they want publicity, don’t give them any.

  33. Josh says:

    Nashist should wear swastika themselvs.

  34. SS says:

    God bless Lithuania !!! Where can I buy soap made from jews ? :D

  35. sergei says:

    Nashi are the real fascists here.

  36. ExCommie says:

    Seems like the whole population of Lithuainia is posting here.
    If Stalin got rid of “intelligent” Lithuanians, than what is left?

  37. sweet says:

    That should make it easy finding good food. Just forget the politics and pick the ones with swastikas!

  38. Adolph Jones says:

    Sadly the “swastika” was used by the Nazi’s and it will forever have their connotation associated with it. Hindu’s on the other hand use it because of it’s symmetry, all things equal. Travel to India and you will see it in many places.

  39. Ted Zissou says:

    Not seafood.

  40. Tomas says:

    So typical.
    Russians glued labels with svastica’s to Lithuanian products.
    Then made some photos of that and started propaganda.
    Nothing new in Russian I see.
    I feel sorry about your country.

  41. Tomas says:

    Believe me, there is no such labels in Lithuania.
    I’ve vever seen that before.

  42. Rob says:

    I lold, they put stickers with nazi signs on Lithuanian products and then call Lithuania nazi? Thats some strong logic…

  43. qwertybob says:

    If I were there I would just throw all that sh!t on the floor when no one were looking. That is ridiculous!

  44. todd keiloholz says:

    Todd is a Nazi

    Todd Ray Keilholz

    Date of Birth: 07/21/1963

    SS #: 492-80-6401

  45. exUSSR says:

    Nice work !

  46. zx says:

    how shallow people russians are…

  47. Abacus2 says:

    “Nashists” aka “Putin Condoms” aka “Putinjugend”…

  48. Roomie says:

    Jahvile you are so lame..

  49. Harris says:

    I’m buying a truckload of that stuff!!!(^-^)!!!! NAZI FOOD….YUM YUM!!!!!

  50. Communism = EVIL says:

    LOL @ Russia and LOL^1000 @ nashi trashbags. That “youth movement” is nothing but a bunch of Stalin worshipping communist fascists.

  51. Lithuania says:

    F… of russians!!!

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