12 The Saltiest Lake

The Saltiest Lake

Posted on June 1, 2010 by team

Meet the saltiest lake in Russia – Baskunchak located in the Astrakhan Region. 


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12 Responses to “The Saltiest Lake”

  1. w says:


  2. Pavel Kozhev says:

    My photos (only 2 of them, though) on englishrussia! :-D

  3. biggfredd says:

    Salt must take a toll on what I’m guessing is a salt-mining train.

  4. Original Kirov says:

    yess! You should also make more pics of area around Astrakhan’ and Astrakhan’ centre. Especially the Kreml is pretty cool.

  5. Cool pictures, which two are yours, Pavel?

  6. marcius says:

    It’s like Salt Lake City. Utah :D

    • Original Kirov says:

      I used to live in Utah, Salt Lake smells alot! The tiny shrimp (brine?) gets in your trunks and tickles!

  7. SS says:

    who would like to take a bath in that lake ? :))

  8. MV12 says:

    Nice place-I have been there in 2004

  9. exUSSR says:

    i hope the lake wont run dry

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