Playing the War 1
19 Playing the War

Playing the War

An exciting event  on the base of Special Police Force in Strogino, Moscow. Historical reconstruction of
the Great Patriotic War with participation of T34, PZ-4, "Katyusha" and lots of fascists...
Some Silly Accidents 1
24 Some Stupid Accidents

Some Stupid Accidents

Road accidents usually are the reason to be
sad, but these ones make us smile.
Faces Of The World War II 1
71 Faces Of World War II

Faces Of World War II

They forged victory with
their own hands...
18 Toons Have Been At War Too

Toons Have Been At War Too

As we see - cartoon characters have been at
war too! And we bet they've been true heroes!
Soviet Posters Recreated With Barbie Dolls 1
11 Soviet Posters Recreated With Barbie Dolls

Soviet Posters Recreated With Barbie Dolls

These marvelous pictures have been found in HAIR'S HOW
magazine. Such a modern vision of the Soviet past.
Living Like a Tsar 1
29 Living Like a Tsar

Living Like a Tsar

This man wants to live like a tsar. That is why he has done all
his best to make his house look like a royal residence.
Baikonur, Launch of \
19 Baikonur, Launch of “Soyuz” Rocket Missile

Baikonur, Launch of “Soyuz” Rocket Missile

In April, 28th at 23:15 of local time there was implemented a successful launch of "Soyuz-U" missile with a
transport cargo vehicle "Progress M-05M" that had delivered about 2600kg of various cargoes to ISS.
Looking Back At USSR 1
77 Looking Back At USSR

Looking Back At USSR

Another selection of pictures from USSR. Some of them were the
tools of various state advocacy, others were amateur ones.
Supercars Impressive Collection 1
29 Supercars Impressive Collection

Supercars Impressive Collection

Last year in September Alexander Surin, a thief in law, was detained on suspicion of drug traffic. His property was exempted in all Europe. It turned out that he had a huge collection of supercars such as Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce Phantom and many others. All his collection is priced at approximately 6 million US dollars. Interestingly enough that the cars were located in various parts of Europe and
in many of them some cash was hidden  - all in all -  in amount of 1,1 million USD. Not bad! Total list of his supercars: Bugatti Veyron (x2): $1 680 000 ($3 360 000) Enzo Ferrari (x2): $613 000 ($1 226 000) Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé: $491 000 Rolls-Royce Phantom: $421 500 Ferrari 599 GTB: $318 000 Ferrari California: $220 000 Porsche 911 GT3: $125 000
Victory Parade Rehearsal 1
37 Victory Parade Rehearsal

Victory Parade Rehearsal

Pictures of the Victory Parade rehearsal that will be held in May, 9th in honor of the 65th
anniversary of the Great Patriotic War victory. Preparatory run of people, equipment and planes.

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