BMW Shot Down 1
25 BMW Shot Down

BMW Shot Down

The 90s remember cars like this to be a gangster attribute. This BMW has been
shot to make it a museum exhibit as a reminiscent of those times.
President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath 1
16 President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath

President of Ukraine Attacked By a Wreath

Recently when Russian president visited Ukraine, both presidents laid a wreath on a grave of an unknown soldier. The wind was so strong and the huge wreath fell
on the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich. He didn't suffer though pictures of the incident are still entertaining dwellers of Ukraine ...
High-Rise Moscow 1
22 High-Rise Moscow

High-Rise Moscow

This picturesque and beautiful bridge is located in Serebryanny Bor near Krylatskoye in
Moscow. Those who live in Moscow easily recognize it. Real futuristic saucer!
Life Magazine of 1958 1
79 Life Magazine 1958

Life Magazine 1958

In March, 1958, an American magazine Life published a big article devoted to the crisis of the educational system in the USA. As an example there were chosen two schoolboys - Alexey Kutskov from Moscow and Stephen Lapekas
from Chikago. The magazine's correspondents were chasing the boys everywhere, watching how they were studying, what were interested in, what were reading, how they were spending their time after lessons...
The USSR of the 1960s-1970s 1
41 The USSR of the 1960s-1970s

The USSR of the 1960s-1970s

Jacques Dupâquier was traveling in the USSR in 1956, 1964, 1975. In the list of places he
visited were Moscow, Leningrad, Tula, Uzbekistan, Caucasus, Cuban, Ukraine...
Darvinovsky Museum 3
17 The Darwin Museum

The Darwin Museum

The Darwin museum is a great place in Moscow with wonderful exhibits. Here each
detail is important and it seems that animals will revive in your eyes.
Armored Train To Chern\' 1
11 Armored Train To Chern’

Armored Train To Chern’

Unveiling a monument and theatricalized scene
at the station on the eve of Victory Day.
The Meat Holiday In Moscow 1
79 The Meat Holiday In Moscow

The Meat Holiday In Moscow

In May, 15th in Arbat, Moscow, there was held a terrible
Zombie Flashmob 3 - "The Meat Holiday". Rather impressive.
Cycling Around The World 1
30 Cycling Around The World

Cycling Around The World

Vladislav Ketov is a person who has really developed and implemented a project  of the first trip made really around the world (land) along the coastline of the continents. This was a
cycling trip lasting 20 years! Unaccompanied  he traveled to Europe, Africa, south and south-east of Asia and both Americas (except Arctic coast) and left behind 144 000 km.
57 Russian and Somali are NOT Brothers for Ever

Russian and Somali are NOT Brothers for Ever

A fresh catch of Russian navy - a bot full of Somali pirates in the open seas. "Why do you lie to me, huh?" - American English is the language that use Russian
marines speaking to Somali pirate, thus making it in parts perfectly understandable. And now you can see it too, with this leaked video tape piece.

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