35 The Most Unusual Metro In The World

The Most Unusual Metro In The World

Posted on May 24, 2010 by team

The Most Unusual Metro In The World 2

Once we had a story about some personal railway, no another Russian hero Leonid Murlyanchik has been building his metro alone since 1984. All materials are bought for his retired fee. Construction is not over yet.

By the way Leonid has all necessary documents and permits for this metro. 

An entry to the station. Here the ceiling is high and the walls are plastered.

The Most Unusual Metro In The World 4

Homemade concrete mixer.

The Most Unusual Metro In The World 5

Apart from the transport function Leonid is going to plumb the metro and to make fireplugs.

The Most Unusual Metro In The World 6

When neighbors want to have metro too, through such niches in the walls the tunnel can be prolonged to them.

The Most Unusual Metro In The World 7

The tunnel carries the weight of 60-tons’ truck going above.

The Most Unusual Metro In The World 8


The Most Unusual Metro In The World 9The Most Unusual Metro In The World 10

Soon here will be going full-automated cars, carrying 3-4 passengers.

The Most Unusual Metro In The World 11The Most Unusual Metro In The World 13


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35 Responses to “The Most Unusual Metro In The World”

  1. Mitch says:

    First to say this is a repeat story.

  2. MarkLenders says:

    I had a deja vu

  3. dude1 says:

    Dude that’s too weird it looks similiar to a game i played once called submachine 2

  4. Maraudon says:

    Reminds me more of like some caves in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

  5. Ivana Benderova says:

    “Everything has been made in accord with safety measures.”
    Really? You are a re-harvester, re-poster, and a sham of the first order, ER!!! LOLZ!!!

  6. rubensni says:

    Déjà vu implies a flaw in the matrix :(

  7. Kirov says:

    Metro 2033

  8. Fredo says:

    Leonid mole man.

  9. SSSR says:

    Walk through the tunnel and activate the turbine on the island of Riven.

  10. random says:

    This guy is a monster he deserves a state prize for determination, perseverance, and strenght. btw first time I see this post

  11. Boritz says:

    Incredible! Just gotta love this guy!

  12. Rooskiya says:

    Some day, a future civilization will dig up the ruins of this tunnel network, which will remain mostly intact because of the significant amounts of stone incorporated into its construction and the fact it’s neither a major terrorist target nor on the cross-hairs of nuclear missiles ready to deploy at the press of a big red button. Just imagine all the stories the future historians come up with to describe its past significance in society, but only we at the present know it is all the work of one man!

  13. dimonNY says:

    Lenya a vcetaki zachem ?

  14. Herbie says:

    Fallout 4 ????

  15. Joey says:

    Leonid… You are a HERO!

    I am really impressed by your fantastic work. RESPECT!

  16. brad says:

    the english in this article is terrible.

  17. Lion Kimbro says:

    Take that, Damanhur!

  18. 8Z9ZSspT says:

    For the reference, the original comments by the author of these photos (Victor Borisov) – http://victorprofessor.livejournal.com/106201.html

    Those were a bit more informative than the sparse text that made it into this article =)

  19. Stephen says:

    I think he will die long before its completion. By looking at him he would have been not even a pentioner in 1984 when he started construction.
    Since then recession must have taken a toll on him for not being able to complete his project yet.
    Incidently, have you noticed the size of the tunel? It looks to me it’s gonna be a joy-ride size with all the nightmares to pass through. Unless it is already for him unable to meet the deadline.

  20. D0n says:

    really what is the purpose of that all?

    • Rotten says:

      Because it’s eventually going to carry mini-trains (3-4 passengers), as stated in the article. So by nit-picking standards, its a mini-metro.

  21. Jack Vermicelli says:

    It looks like just a tunnel, much too small for a train. Why do you keep calling it a “metro”?

  22. Eric says:

    Wait, where is this?

  23. Toni says:

    Leonid is my new hero. And let’s hear it for no government bureaucrats telling him he can’t do it.

  24. Raj says:

    yea lets hear it for no one gettin in his way

  25. NumberSix says:

    Very interesting story about perseverance although a few questions remain, such as:
    1) how long is the “metro” system?
    2) what kind of carriages will he be using?
    3) rails?
    4) electric motors or cable?
    4a) If electric, what about safety.

    All in all, a great way to use one’s retirement years, education, and experience.

  26. NumberSix says:

    I love to read the articles in englishrussia as part of a complete perspective of life there, but a question lingers –


    Thank you.

  27. kmapy says:

    We are told that this is accordance with the safety measures. However, taking into account how strict Russian safety codes are, this is not really difficult. Probably this person has just been drinking vodka with a safety inspector.

  28. sir jorge says:

    i wish i could explore that

  29. Andrasone-HUN says:


  30. roska says:

    que idolo!! traiganlo a argentina!

  31. tom says:


    No words.

    Take a bow, Master Leonid.

  32. RB says:

    Someone that has true grit with steely determination.
    If this guy docent have one hundred percent Russian blood then no won has.

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