49 On a Visit To Gypsies

On a Visit To Gypsies

Posted on May 23, 2010 by team

On a Visit To Gypsies 1

In Samarqand is an astonishing gypsies’ block  and if you have a chance to be in this city you just have to visit it!
Formerly this place used to be inhabited by Jews but when they left it was settled by Gypsies.

Uzbek Gypsies are rather sweet and kind people. They say that being given too much money they give a change. Though, some beggars spit if you refuse to give them money.

On a Visit To Gypsies 2On a Visit To Gypsies 3


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49 Responses to “On a Visit To Gypsies”

  1. Cher says:

    Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves…! Just kidding actually but sure do look like there’s a lot of ‘in-breeding’ going on!

  2. Julie says:

    I wouls love a gypsy to come and decorate my ceilings. Those paintings are beautiful.

  3. Unknown says:

    Kill them all!

  4. DouglasUrantia says:

    Happy people. Do they think about birth control? Life at it’s most basic and simple level. Primitive natives of the planet. They’re like colorful birds in a big cage.

  5. George Johnson says:

    Good photo spread. More like this, I enjoy “meeting the people” like this.

    The older girl in the red and black outfit, looks like she’s going to be a real charmer when she gets a little older. She looks really happy, pretty smile.

    I love taking photo’s of kids because they have a look of wonderment, or innocence, almost everything to them is new or exciting. They don’t hide expressions like adults do.

    • El says:

      It’s sad though, really. Those kids are going to grow up to be beaten up by cops all the time, not allowed a proper education, or even jobs. They could move west, just to experience the same discrimination but maybe less openly – so why bother? It’s no wonder that they beg and steal, what else are they going to do?

  6. marhte DE says:

    Wow, look at all that useless people. HOw many of them have a job, no, scratch that, how many of them even tried to find a job? Leeches of society.

  7. johnik says:

    we have them all over London,begging and thieving,we dont want them here either !

  8. Dedajaga says:

    Try to look on Luník IX :D

  9. RussianeedsObama says:

    I like the guy in the wolf shirt.

  10. Liberal politician says:

    if id have to choose between gypsies and russians id pick the first ones

  11. hey says:

    atleast gypsies dont kill innocent people and call it a victory now

    • FromUkraineWithLove says:

      I assume you are reffering to world war 2? So practically you hate the whole world? Or can you name me a country that didn’t kill innocent people that was at war in world war 2?

  12. Carevich says:

    I hate this folks!

  13. random says:

    useless animals

  14. CZenda says:

    “Men are pouring beer into bowls. They invite you to come in the house, stay for dinner, give you bread. When you are about to leave they ask some money for vodka, and take 100 EUR away from you even if you are against.”
    Sounds like holidays in Croatia.

  15. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Underwhelming. I’d certainly stay away from that area.

    • byron says:

      What happened to the Jews…? They heard the Pikies turning up…

      • harfang says:

        The Jews were relatively happy in Uzbekistan for maybe 1000 years. After Israel was created, Jews living all over the Muslim world, who until about the Industrial Revolution had had it better than their counterparts stuck in Europe, started getting hostility from their neighbors. Eventually even in Bukhara, which was the biggest place in Asia for Jews, everyone had to leave.

  16. Kaos says:

    So what happened to all the jews?
    Lenin and Stalin kill em all so the pikies could move in.?

  17. mukmika says:

    Artistic people living in drab surroundings brighten things up with their colourful clothing, and cheerful personalities. They could have some small industries going there with a little help.

  18. Josie says:

    I love the pictures of the children. They look so happy, and the way they dress is very unique. I wonder why the young man in the blue suit dresses so much more nice than the other adults, though.

    • Mi says:

      Thay live in our county too. Well, you’d change your mind if you knew them little more… thay are robber, thieves, worst vermin in the world. Thay doesnt work, attack and stealing money from children, ANYTHING you do against them is racist, evend defending yourself. Worst kind of… sorry i cant even call them people.

  19. Mr. Anti-Semite says:

    They have the ugliest women I have ever seen. I’d still prefer them over the Jews. Gypsies steal your wallet, Jews steal the entire banking system (see United States for example).

  20. Javis says:


  21. Cracker says:

    They have electricity, but no heating systems: A wood stove poked through a window.

  22. Chris says:

    Not sure why anyone would want to visit this place…

  23. Patrick says:

    Nice LCD box, did they steal the contents as well?

  24. yatsy says:

    ugly people

  25. yatsyy says:

    ugly people..

  26. careful says:

    I am surprised at your kind comments. In Europe and America Gypsies are hated thieves. They con, scam, beg, and steal, It is their creed that stealing from outsiders is not only OK, it is honorable, and to work is an insult. In many parts of Europe when gypsy come to town they close all shops to prevent stealing. Many times I have seen gypsies lie even for small change. they will go to shop and say they are short just to save pennies. It is their way. When there is que they will go to front and lie to get to front – anything to cheat outsiders.

    The children do not go to school, but instead spend their days with the family learning how to steal. begging money for food or bus ride to take back to family.

    They are all on the dole, although many work as roofers and such. They come to house, collect 50% for material, climb roof and fall off. Then they sue you for injury and you find out their insurance bond was fake, the material is garbage, your roof is ruined and your 50% is gone.

    They may look inbred because they do not marry outsiders, and often marry brother and sister or cousin (they all live together and it is often hard to know who is father.)

    If a gypsy woman offers you date be careful – it is called “gypsy good time.” Woman takes you to apartment, and husband hits you on head and steals your money.

    • Me says:

      Exactly! They’re scum. People who stick up for them don’t know what they’re talking about.

    • harfang says:

      I live in a big city in the States. We have no gypsies. New York, Chicago and LA have no gypsies. All we have is the negative word of a bunch of white Europeans, we don’t know anything else; so quit talking out of your butt, please.

      • Just Some Goy says:

        People in the US tend to shoot thieves so most Roma prefer other countries with less guns and more welfare.

  27. sergio says:

    Why the f..ck you hate non-white people?

    • Just Some Goy says:

      If non-whites are so cool then you should move to Africa right now!

      Then you’ll understand why we don’t want them as neighbors.

  28. Ionuţ says:

    Their main money earning activities are stealing, begging and so on, so I’m not very pleased being around this kinda people.

  29. WackyGypsy says:

    Lela lela lela! Lela pale tute!

  30. David Levy says:

    Uzbecks are good soilders remember the medic of 9th company in Afghanistan.

  31. Zonda says:

    I’m starting with the affirmation that I’m not a racist. I was travelling across Europe and I saw those peoples do anything else that work. Maybe some of you saw few gypsy people collecting recyclable iron. They do that because are on the lower level of their social organisation. They don’t pay any tax, but they receive in some countries social aids. From 1990, Europe try to implement hundreds of social programs for integration and spend a lot of money and resources on them. Neither of those programs reach the goals! My strongly impression it’s that the gypsy people are “programmed” to survive in any condition on the back of local social systems, wherever they are. They are mental trained from the very youth to be persuasive and to find “week point” of the society where they live and to exploit it. They flee the places where they receive no aid or “understanding”. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  32. Rosa says:

    Genuine English/Welsh Romany gypsies dont behave like this, we work damn hard and dont beg. Our children go to school and our daughters arent allowed to swear, and not allowed to swear in front of a man when theyre adults. Sex before marriage is prohibited as is being alone with any male whos not your husband or close family. But with the Irish gypsies and Romanian gypsies wrecking it for us all, we all get tarred with the same brush now! We cant buy land to stop on as we cant get planning permission, and we cant stop on roadsides or our caravans are crushed. So my family have ended up in a house and Im lonely, numb and spiritually dead.

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