17 Blue-Pail Headed

Blue-Pail Headed

Posted on May 21, 2010 by team

Blue-Pail Headed 1

Such blue pails are usually used to protest against police flashers as they look alike. But some protestants go over the edge …

Blue-Pail Headed 2Blue-Pail Headed 3Blue-Pail Headed 4Blue-Pail Headed 5Blue-Pail Headed 6Blue-Pail Headed 7Blue-Pail Headed 8Blue-Pail Headed 9Blue-Pail Headed 10

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17 Responses to “Blue-Pail Headed”

  1. kaban says:

    LOL the last one : WIN

  2. Jim says:

    Are you sure he’s not Catholic? I don’t see anything in the pictures to indicate that he is protestant…

  3. Maximka says:

    Protestant? I can tell he is Baptist.

  4. Clearly, he is a Pailist.

  5. roooosky says:

    Je je.. matrushka pails is good idea !

  6. Charles says:

    haha, it’s so funny. :) had my laughing at the end especially there ware no only one bucket…haha

    It’s good for him wear a red shirt for his safety.

  7. Pacific NW says:

    That guy is awesome. I love how he planned to have the bucket removed, only to reveal a smaller one.

  8. Cracker says:

    It is a good way to get killed – blind yourself with a plastic bucket and walk in traffic.

  9. DouglasUrantia says:

    I have to agree with PacificNW….remove one bucket and it reveals more……lol Very matryoshka doll.

  10. Testicules says:

    This guy might be the smartest Russian ever. Very funny and clever

  11. OLUT says:

    “Hello, Mr. Walrus? This is the Moscow militia, we found your bucket! Yes, you can pick it up this afternoon!”

  12. Josie says:

    It was raining. He just tried to keep his hair dry :P

  13. rayjay says:

    Do Russian traffic officers carry weapons?

  14. are you kidding says:

    Poor poor emo child boo hoo and throw him in prison and let bubba ram him and steal his canteen .

  15. Tol says:

    This is Russian Buckethead.

  16. Nasarog says:

    This protest is not against police flashers. It is a protest against those flashers which cars are equipped with the officials, so that they are entitled to violate traffic rules, due to which sometimes create emergency conditions.

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