22 High-Rise Moscow

High-Rise Moscow

Posted on May 18, 2010 by team

High-Rise Moscow 1

This picturesque and beautiful bridge is located in Serebryanny Bor near Krylatskoye in Moscow. Those who live in Moscow easily recognize it. Real futuristic saucer!

High-Rise Moscow 2High-Rise Moscow 3High-Rise Moscow 4High-Rise Moscow 5High-Rise Moscow 6High-Rise Moscow 7High-Rise Moscow 8High-Rise Moscow 9High-Rise Moscow 10High-Rise Moscow 11


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22 Responses to “High-Rise Moscow”

  1. Grinya says:


  2. are you kidding says:

    third and goal

  3. are you kidding says:

    ok second on third

  4. JZ says:

    Great photos!

  5. cockatrice says:

    wicked cool!
    What’s planned to be in the saucer?

  6. Musa says:

    Inside does remind me of a spider web. Great Pictures!

  7. John Lenin and Paul McCarthy says:


  8. MarkLenders says:

    Useless building.

    It’s just to show to USA the power of the URSS

  9. Josie says:

    I’m just amazed how much wide open space even a big city like Moscow has. Russian architecture is equally fascinating.

    • eger_666 says:


      • MarkLenders says:

        Ahahah he’s thanking why?

        Is Eger the master architect of Moscow? Is he the owner of Moscow?


        He’s thanking just because he’s searching a scrotum to lick.
        And i’ve a bad news for you Josie: you are his favorite.

        • MarkLenders says:

          Why are you taking credit for this, just because you live in that city.

          It ‘s like if I say that Einstein was a genius and a jew answers: “thanks”.

          Only an incompetent fool like you may take credits when he doesn’t have them.

          • Chris says:

            Dood!! You are an anti-Semite!!!

            I am reporting you!!!

          • kaban says:

            Yo, why can’t you be proud? When you’re favorite sport team wins, you’re proud even if you weren’t on the field… Same here

            • MarkLenders says:

              Right observation Mr. Watson….

              But if my favorite sport team wins and somemone say that the team has played well, i don’t say “thanks” as i was in the field.

              I always talk (or i’m proud) using the third person.
              Is a grammatical concept.
              Not so hard to understand.

              • kaban says:

                I don’t know about you dude, but in Russia, when we win a championship, we usually say WE did it! So if a guy says Moscow is great, i would easily answer thanks…
                PS: You need to explain me how do you say “I’m proud” using third person…

  10. Grinya says:

    It isn’t MKAD. Just another road to center of moscow near Krylatskoe. This saucer is place for restaurant in future.

  11. random says:

    Moscow is honestly the best place on this planet

  12. cockatrice says:

    Please Ignore, wrong place.

  13. just looking at the feet dangling over the edge is scary

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