19 “Best Photographer 2009″ – Winners’ Works

“Best Photographer 2009″ – Winners’ Works

Posted on May 18, 2010 by team


3rd place
Evgeny Shapkin


Genre Photography

1st place
Emil Gataullin


2nd place
Konstantin Kaminsky
“Street sport in the Island of Freedom”


3rd place
Kirill Ponomaryov


Macro photography

1st place
Ruslan Salikhov
“Dark Forest”


2nd place
Andrey Chistyakov
“The last trolleybus”


3rd place
Alexander Bolgov
“Lunch formation”

0002gf1qStill life

1st place
Marina Volodko
“Fragility devoted”

2nd place
Maria Pleshkova


3rd place
Vlad Antonov



1st place
Dmitry Baidachny


2nd place
Roman Nimulin
“Cunning farmer”


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19 Responses to ““Best Photographer 2009″ – Winners’ Works”

  1. notfirst says:

    I hate “I am first” comments.

  2. MarkLenders says:

    Nice pictures!!!
    Some of them are really impressive

  3. Zondernaam says:

    I am THIRD!

    Do you like “I am third” comments? Do you? Do you?

  4. C. says:

    what’s with the small pictures? I think this is a mistake

  5. Tomas says:

    Beautiful pics

  6. Josie says:

    Awesome pictures, but I wish the small ones could be clicked on to see a bigger version.

  7. bore us badenough says:

    The 10th picture down from the very first picture.

    3rd place
    Stanislav Dvir
    “Southern-Sudanese refugees”

    So, what is going on in this picture? Hand on throat and body position suggests forcible sodomy.

  8. Musa says:

    She looks dead and he looks like he is crying over her. Very tragic!

    Wonderful Pictures!
    I like the little girl at the water’s edge looking in to the clouded sky the most. I like how she looks both strong and fragile next to those the two natural forces/elements (water & air). Very Nice!

    • bore us badenough says:

      I disagree. His hand is on her throat choking her, and her hand is on his wrist as if to break away from the choke hold.

      Please, try to accept reality when it presents itself, even if the imagery is not so nice.

  9. Kisfügedi Anna says:


  10. Mazgalica says:

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  12. Ajit kumar says:

    Nice Ilike your Photography

  13. womenshats says:

    This web site are going to be sweet!

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