17 The Darwin Museum

The Darwin Museum

Posted on May 16, 2010 by team

Darvinovsky Museum 3

The Darwin museum is a great place in Moscow with wonderful exhibits. Here each detail is important and it seems that animals will revive in your eyes.

Darvinovsky Museum 4Darvinovsky Museum 5Darvinovsky Museum 7Darvinovsky Museum 8Darvinovsky Museum 9Darvinovsky Museum 10Darvinovsky Museum 11Darvinovsky Museum 12Darvinovsky Museum 13Darvinovsky Museum 14Darvinovsky Museum 15


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17 Responses to “The Darwin Museum”

  1. wtf says:

    Can we have more drunk russians please?

  2. momomo says:

    nice! I’d love to go there.

  3. benderr says:

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  4. benderr says:

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  5. Josie says:

    That is very cool.

  6. Dale From Canada says:

    Man, this is some of the most ghetto taxidermy I’ve ever seen.

  7. MarkLenders says:

    Congrat… EnglishRussia is now banned on Vatican. Now i have to come here helped by all pedophiles of Lithuania

    • MarkLenders says:

      Sorry man, I did not know you were a priest and you’d angry.

      To forgive me I’ll offer you a trip to obstetrics

  8. mike says:

    Was that Peter I’s botik?

  9. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Not bad. Just wondering where the typewriter fit in.

  10. Snowman says:

    This looks like a display put together by a 4 year old! I can’t believe you would pay money to see this garbage!

  11. GrecoCypriot says:

    Great to see that our great and imortal philosophers being honored. Thank you Russia.

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