11 Armored Train To Chern’

Armored Train To Chern’

Posted on May 16, 2010 by team

Armored Train To Chern\' 1

Unveiling a monument and theatricalized scene at the station on the eve of Victory Day.

Armored Train To Chern\' 2Armored Train To Chern\' 3


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11 Responses to “Armored Train To Chern’”

  1. SSSR says:

    That train should be in the next Bond flick!

  2. Olli says:

    Darth Vader in pic 9

  3. benderr says:

    people! help as.in lithuania…www.hotcommentary.com/index.php?id=19

  4. benderr says:

    BIG PEDOPHILES SCANDAL IN LITHUANIA – please help !!!!! Judge decided to return a little girl to her mother who was “selling” her daughter to pedophiles.. ….www.hotcommentary.com/index.php?id=19

  5. are you kidding says:

    Dont let those nazis take you prisoner because you know Stalin will send you to Siberia or shot you if you are caught half stepping .

  6. Musa says:

    Kill dem nazi pieces of sh!t!

  7. Testicules says:

    Nice wooden guns.

  8. cockatrice says:

    The nice thing about armored trains is all that track they have to run over. There always will be a section that can’t be protected.

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