57 Russian and Somali are NOT Brothers for Ever

Russian and Somali are NOT Brothers for Ever

Posted on May 14, 2010 by


A fresh catch of Russian navy – a bot full of Somali pirates in the open seas. “Why do you lie to me, huh?” – American English is the language that use Russian marines speaking to Somali pirate, thus making it in parts perfectly understandable. And now you can see it too, with this leaked video tape piece.

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57 Responses to “Russian and Somali are NOT Brothers for Ever”

  1. MarkLenders says:

    First?! Maybe….

    But is important to notice that EnglishRussia.com is now banned in Uk. now I have to come here hiding myself in a Push Up of a Wag.

  2. Bau-Bau says:


  3. MarkLenders says:

    Is there anyone here?!
    Or is this site banned from all over the world?

    Ok…so i also take the second post. SECOND!!!

  4. Pip says:

    Finally somebody with the guts to do something about these pirates. Well done Russian Navy! Nice touch to blow up their boat too.

  5. OLUT says:

    Good job, Team Russia!

  6. Guido says:

    It’s about time, somebody did something about this. The Somali pirate thing is getting way out of hand.

  7. Belaya smert[Fin] says:

    Fine job !! more this!

  8. Jed118 says:

    Why do they putting flashlights on captured gun table? Somali need it to see friend in the dark!

  9. John S says:

    So much for rule of law. Little more than pirates themselves, judging by their behavior. Also, Russian navy the only true military force? LOLOL

    • My friend translated the Russian on this video for me, the Russians conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout and they are to be commended. LAYing out the weapons on a sheet for the world to see was an excellent idea.

    • Maraudon says:

      Yeah why not? :D

    • Dmitry says:

      Their behavior was exemplary. Sure there was occasional swearing, but so what, it’s a navy operation. This wasn’t a school trip to chuck e cheese’s. What in the video did you find to be outside the “rule of law”? What behavior made them “Little more than pirates”? You even hear them making a radio call for doctor to treat the wounded. Comparing this to the atrocities of other armed forces (Abu Ghraib anyone?) is a total joke.

  10. brbrbr says:

    crime and punishment.
    you can read Lambroso or Dostoyevki or not.
    but DO something.
    cause its actually hurt MORE than attempts to ignore problem.
    or ignoring support from some countries[on Gov't(or at least on fleet/intel-level) tier], most notably UK[they proud in “capers” traditions and thinks that somalia pirates can helps them solve some problems ? its bad idea now as bad it in Asian waters after WWII[where idea re-incarnated 1st time].

    “Lloyd agency on default edge must be then, my friend” (c) master Yoda

  11. Great Brit says:

    I heard that the Russians let the pirates go..in an inflatable boat that might have sunk.

  12. George Johnson says:

    I’m glad the Russian Navy had the OPPORTUNITY to do something about this.

    I think most reasonable people in the world ask why are we not doing more to fight these pirates, why are we basically accepting war on their terms?

    The influx of political correctness. That’s why. “oh they’re just trying to make a living, they’re just poor somalie’s. they’re not killing that many people”

    So it’s seen as a “cost of doing business” now.

  13. Testicules says:

    They way I heard it was the Russian boat was sinking. The “pirates” came to help them. The Russian navy took over their boat and made it part of the navy. The explosion was their original boat at last giving up and sinking.

    • Dmitry says:

      That makes no sense….

      • perristalsis says:

        In a way it kinda does, the so- called Somali “pirates” were responding with concern that fellow mariners were in distress. They believed RPG’s AK 47’s, and machettes were the best tools to aid the stricken sailors, but the Russian Navy totally misread the situation. Once they discovered their error, the Navy apologized to the heroic Somalis and gifted them with a fine watercraft to continue their humanitarian patrol of the waterways. Being able to navigate by the stars and guided by portents, the Somalis declined the offer of radio and navigation equipment, instead relying on their vast knowledge of the sea, they bid their new- found Russian friends a Bon Voyage and set off into the sunset.

  14. I tell you, with a little imagination one can flip anything.

  15. Estonianguy says:

    The way the russian “elite” soldiers talk is disgusting: “bljad” this and “bljad” that, they sound like some kind of “blatnoys”. besides that they also act very unprofessional – proud of their victory like little kids. Real special force soldiers keep their mouths shut are carefull enough not to shoot a video. One day karma will get them as the karma got those pirates.

    • Sergey S. says:

      At least they found the “weapon of mass destruction” after invading the independent boat ))

    • asd says:

      You might be surprised when you hear how soldiers talk in other armies.
      – Gentlemen, we’re under heavy attack. I humbly propose we retreat without interruption.

  16. Testicules says:

    Yes. It was very generous of the Somalis to try and rescue the Russian sailors. Even more generous of them to give their ship to the Russians, so they could continue their patrol. It is regretful the Russian destroyer was lost at sea.

  17. DoubleDevil says:

    I’m the only one russian here reading ER ?

  18. CONNIE says:


  19. Cracker says:

    These fishermen are so poor they cannot afford fishing poles. They need the weapons to shoot at fish. Also it is wrong to call them pirates. Pirates have eye patches, funny hats and say “Arghhhh” all the time. Everyone knows that.

  20. George Semel says:

    Well I saw nothing that was heavy handed, Unless you expect to get your boat back I guess. Well these fellows are Marines, Russian Marines no matter Semper Fi guys.

  21. allen says:

    Arghhhh matey!

  22. rimbo says:

    it’s not banned in the uk….

  23. YJ says:

    I’m going to go with an argument that doesn’t follow with the norm. It can be justified that these fishermen carry weapons on their boat for the same reasons that the United Nation’s warship escorting cargo ships, it’s all for self defense from the pirates. It’s only justifiable to destroy the tools of piracy (weapons and boats) only when they are caught in the act of the piracy.

    • Dmitry says:

      Yes you could make the argument they need weapons for protection from pirates, but come on…. In the video you can see it’s not a fishing boat. Fishing boats have nets, fish, etc.. Those guys had boarding tools and weapons instead. The navy guys point out several boarding tools the pirates use.

  24. Wetchaser says:

    Hell yea, shame they only shot one thou. Need to send a message to these scumbag pirates that if you prey on the worlds shipping lanes, you very well could pay with your life.

    And if it were a fishing boat, there would be fishing gear all over the place. How can you fish without gear?

  25. Otis R. Needleman says:

    I say good job by the Russians. Glad none of the Russians were killed or injured. Far as the Somali pirates go, tough luck.

  26. Papa Carlo says:

    Why do the pirates keep their hands up ? Is it some kind of vote to elect a new captain ?

    • perristalsis says:

      They must really like the new captain candidate, they all hand- voted twice, just like they do in Chicago. In fact, these guys look like they’re cab drivers from Chicago.

  27. Rusk says:

    This is fake,They were not Pirates.these people were trying to Cross the Border Illegally wit self defense tools.That was enough to make Russian Navy Drama of Pirates.Shame

  28. Josie says:

    It’s not banned anywhere. This is simply some guy saying this every time a new post goes up. I guess he thinks he’s funny.

  29. Josie says:

    Must have been some really huge fish they were trying to catch with all of these weapons. So, what happened to the pirates? Did the soldiers really let them go?

  30. Kurze says:

    I’m looking forward to the day that the navy of my home country (Netherlands) and the Russian ships that are part of the Somali taskforce burn one of those pirate lairs to the ground. Now that would be some awesome news.

  31. Ivana Benderova says:

    Fake! Russia Navy can not catch flu or cold, much less any pirates! ROFLMAO! LOLLOLLOLLOL!

  32. dmitry says:

    Russian army: they teach you> if prisoners put hands down = he attack against you (guard) so almost all pirates have hands up …one havent but they shot him :D and he chat with russian boy…anyway if some muslim read this>>> don’t put hands down or u meet allah very fast.

  33. Bill says:

    I’m American and I think the Russians did well. Pirates are murders and thieves and deserve to be treated harshly Sinking their boat was a fine idea. As to what ever ass made a comment about atrocities at Abu Grab, you are misinformed. If you really know what was done with prisoners and you still think embarrassing a terrorist enemy of your country or making one stand on a box with a bag on his head is torture, you’re a sissy. The Russian didn’t worry to much over Chechen right after Beslan, we should remember Abu Grab in terms of 9-11

  34. china jack says:

    i love russia ,good job!~!!!kill them all

  35. GREAT RUSSIA says:

    I can see this in China, good job, Russia Marines!

  36. YankeeDog says:

    Thank You Russian Navy!

    Keep up the good work!

  37. Fornit says:

    Monkeys got what they deserved.

  38. escu says:

    Hello from Romania, and thanks for all your posts!

  39. Curious says:

    As someone who has been around the mil… they all curse, like every other word. It’s a soldier’s lingo and it’s completely appropriate that they got to enjoy the fireworks that they worked so hard for.

  40. Drip Tray says:

    those polyurethane inflatable boats are very sturdy and some are kevlar lined too but they are expensive “-.

  41. Elena says:

    Funny how I found this video in the funny section. Anyway they got what they deserved the dumb monkeys. Now to get them out of Minnesota.

  42. DANNY says:


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