12 Living Statues Championship In Yevpatoriya

Living Statues Championship In Yevpatoriya

Posted on May 4, 2010 by team

Living Statues Championship In Yevpatoriya 1

Here is the great selection of photographs from the Living Statues Championship that was held in Yevpatoriya in early May just as it was last year. Enjoy!

Living Statues Championship In Yevpatoriya 2Living Statues Championship In Yevpatoriya 3


12 Responses to “Living Statues Championship In Yevpatoriya”

  1. Ex Moscow Vite says:


  2. miss india says:

    Nice pics

  3. Pacific NW says:

    Nothing more fun that messing with human statues.

  4. sabot says:

    What is the fellow holding the fruit in No. 28 supposed to be? A peasant? A farmer? A yeoman? What does his caption say?

  5. mukmika says:

    Very interesting, and a little unusual.

  6. pictsidhe says:

    awesome stuff

  7. Bryan Adams says:

    Some of those are fantastic, and some of them are laughably awful. The good ones make up for the bad ones though…

  8. Alex says:

    Impressive! Imagine some of them standing still in a store window like display dummies and then, suddenly moving…

  9. Josie says:

    That is so cool! I don’t think I could stand still for that long, though.

  10. hiwayhank says:

    Aw come on…All that and no pidgeon droppings?

  11. Papa Carlo says:

    Sorry to say but the last year’s exhibition seemed to look more impressive.

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