Sunk parkings in Moscow, Russia 1

22 It’s Spring, Say SUNk

It’s Spring, Say SUNk

In Russia there is a saying, "Winter always comes suddenly", meaning that even if the last winter there were some problems with arrivals of freezing temperatures next winter they much likely won't be ready for
those too, and the winter and all problems connected with it would be "sudden". Now, winter has already passed but spring was way of a sudden even for the owners of those parking lots.
Defender cat 3

20 Cat – fox hunter

Cat – fox hunter

This cat's owner is a fanatic wildlife photographer. Once he decided to stay for winter for five month in unique protected areas of Kamchatka and had no way to leave his pet
at home. So the only option was to take two boxes with him - one for the cat, by the way named Ryska, and the other for cat-food reserve for half a year.
after civil war in Kyrgyzstan 1

29 After Civil War in Kyrgyzstan

After Civil War in Kyrgyzstan

So, as was said before the coup was fast, the clashes went thru and stopped and now the city stays quite with the streets deserted, with new people in power. Street
scenery still though can give a clue what was going on last evening, during the protests, the violence, the looting that was all over thru the town.
civil war in Kirgizia 1
20 Civil War in Kyrgyzstan

Civil War in Kyrgyzstan

Maybe a lot of you have seen a lot of news reports about clashes in Kyrgyzstan, ex Soviet Russian republic. It was pretty bloody like 40 people dead and 200 wounded, but not
long, until the evening they report all was over, the main policeman killed and the president fled the country on a private jet with a group of supporters.
The 60s\' Gorky Park In Moscow 1
27 The 60s’ Gorky Park In Moscow

The 60s’ Gorky Park In Moscow

Some elderly Muscovites and visitors of the Russian capital may remember how Moscow amusement parks used to look many years ago. These pictures will
take you back to the 60s, right to the Moscow Gorky Park. We are inviting you for the embankments and park walk  and for amusements.
Road repair 1
19 Vladivostok road repair flashmob

Vladivostok road repair flashmob

This road flashmob was organized by a group of Vladivostok drivers disappointed with the municipal authorities neglecting their commitments in road maintenance. They gathered together a dozen of volunteers to repair
a one single pothole and collect some money for further repairs. But still their main aim was to attract attention to this problem an to put the municipal governors to shame. Hope they'll succeed.
No Water Supply In Dneprodzerzhinsk 1
14 Water Supply Fail In Dneprodzerzhinsk

Water Supply Fail In Dneprodzerzhinsk

For two days Dneprodzerzhinsk hasn't been having water supply and the citizens hadn't have any preliminary notice. Many of them even had no chance to take water for drain... On the left river bank people are busy with water taking, they even make small jams. Here they come with little children, some of them carry holds, others use
bicycles. These people have plenty of negative emotions about the local water and wastewater treatment plant. It's not the first time when the water supply is cut off. It had been promised that service water would be brought but people were waiting in vain. They finally had to obtain water in the pond...
20 Ingushetian Traffic

Ingushetian Traffic

Some ask, how is it to drive a car in Russia? Well if in Moscow or other cities it has some specific but in general close to usual means, then in some more Southern parts of Russia, they can get as interesting as this.
It was a normal traffic. Then normal people ran out of the cars, armed, argued a bit then continued their normal movement further. They say its from Ingushetiya, a part of Russia near to Chechnya.
on air above vladimir 1

14 Vladimir’s Region from Bird’s View

Vladimir’s Region from Bird’s View

We are having from time to time here photos of various Russian cities and places made from helicopter, literary at bird eye's sight. Here's one more set made by Dmitry Chistoprudov of Vladimir's region, a place
that is a member of Russian "Gold Chain" - the ring of the cities that are the most touristical attraction due to its historical roots etc. Usually they are full of old churches and stuff.
5 The Craziest Swan

The Craziest Swan

Some Russian guys have encountered this really mad bird. It got in
some mad obsession with their car mirror and car in general.

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