Russian Post - Automatic Letter Sorting 1
24 Russian Post – Automatic Letter Sorting

Russian Post – Automatic Letter Sorting

Automatic letter sorting appeared in the USSR in the 60s. 180 letter sorting machines were commissioned and people were taught to write postal codes on envelopes. First
attempts to use computer technologies failed due to many circumstances and after collapse of the USSR the post had to return to manual sorting again.
Flying Over Moscow-City 1
18 Flying Over Moscow-City

Flying Over Moscow-City

The helicopter took off from the building site of "Empire" tower. The
construction stopped for two hours, workers came to watch the flights...
Blue Pails Community 1
16 Blue Pails Community

Blue Pails Community

It appears that we have a new fashion. This time a fashion for blue pails. It all began when one driver took a blue pail from his son, fixed it on the car top and went
for a drive. Soon he was stopped by road police. They talked, laughed but no accusations could be brought. We suppose such cases will happen often now...
Abrau-Durso - The Flagship of Russian Winemaking 1
8 Abrau-Durso – The Flagship of Russian Winemaking

Abrau-Durso – The Flagship of Russian Winemaking

Abrau-Durso is not a French name but Circassian. Abrau is a name of a lake that is translated as
"precipice" . Durso - a river name translated as "four waters" because it feeds from four sources.
Russian Lada car in ice  1

10 Ice Cube Lada

Ice Cube Lada

When those Russian men went fishing they were not expecting to see their Lada Niva in an ice cube some hours later. When
the frosts are strong it's not very much time needed to freeze the whole car into a solid ice rock.
20 Russian homemade snowmobiles

Russian homemade snowmobiles

This bulky machine constructed by one enthusiast retiree from the Russian city of Kirov is powered by the old Yamaha motorcycle engine and is entirely made of scrap. Fiberglass seat was formerly a part of a small carousel, gear shift lever was a part of an unidentified old Coca-Cola souvenir. The front skies are covered with
fluoroplastic, a material with extremely low friction factor. The main distinctive feature of this snowmobile is a big wheel instead of a regular for such kind of transport rubber heavy caterpillar made of metal and rubber. For this reason this monster is very light which allows it to drive on fresh crumbly snow.
33 The Post Apocalyptic Kremlin

The Post Apocalyptic Kremlin

This how some Russian artists see Moscow after 2012. Those can go as
wallpapers I guess, the big images are available on click.
The Following Day After Revolution 1
20 The Following Day After Revolution

The Following Day After Revolution

Bishkek. Noght of April, 9th. Taxi drivers boosted prices to 500 dollars to the
center of the city. Curiously enough but mobile communication still works.
198 500x348 Good Soviet Kids Go to Heaven? Nope, They Go to Artek!
17 Artek – Soviet Summer Vacation Camp

Artek – Soviet Summer Vacation Camp

Kids in the traditional uniform. The most famous PR image of the pioneria of the Soviet Union was a summer vacation camp situated in the Crimea (Ukraine), next to Gurzuf town. Founded as a sanatorium for the kids
suffering and recovering from the TB by the Russian Society of the Red Cross, it first opened doors in 1925, June 16th, accommodating about 80 kids from Moscow and the nearest Ukrainian towns.
Striptease In Bratsk 1
67 Striptease In Bratsk

Striptease In Bratsk

In Russia you can see striptease even at the opening of an ordinary computer store. In fact not only you but any teenager or children as well. And it won't
be a show in the darkness of a nightclub - it will be real striptease in the public square in the centre of the city as if it was a fair.

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