New Explosion in Moscow 1

12 Another Explosion in Moscow

Another Explosion in Moscow

Another explosion in Moscow, now that was good underground on one of a city's street sending pieces of pavement and soil to the parked cars.
They said there is one casualty as is known now, and the crater was as wide as eight meters (twenty five feet) wide.
Army units near Moscow 1

57 Military Units near Moscow City

Military Units near Moscow City

One Russian blogger has spotted tens of army heave machinery units, tanks and ballistic missiles parked
in the temporary camp that was overnight built near Moscow city suburb "Khodynskoe". o
22 Laundry Blue Surprise

Laundry Blue Surprise

Once the owners of this playful puppy left him at home
where he managed to find a sack with laundry blue...
An Old Church Dungeon 1
17 An Old Church Dungeon

An Old Church Dungeon

This church in some Staroye Churilino village keeps a lot of secrets. In the dungeon of the church there were found
more than 50 skulls. This finding is cloaked in many rumors but there is no reliable explanation.
Another Portion Of Nostalgia 1
15 Another Portion Of Nostalgia

Another Portion Of Nostalgia

A cool selection of
40-years past photos.
Saying \
24 Saying “No” To The Old Bulbs

Saying “No” To The Old Bulbs

If you want to discredit the idea of energy saving, bring a crowd of pensioners to the square, set a little stall to sell energy saving bulbs... In April Moscow held an auction of oldsters in support of the Russian government initiative in the sphere of energy saving. Active pensioners decided to buy 1000 energy saving bulbs on their own money in public and
thus, to show that even they, the pensioners, are ready to support the Russian government and the president in their initiative to adopt energy saving technology. In order everyone who wished to buy the bulbs there was set one (!) tiny stall fated to be the hottest spot of the auction. Upon the official part some insanity began...
16 The Pool of Baikal Seal in Irkutsk

The Pool of Baikal Seal in Irkutsk

In Irkutsk there's a pool of Baikal seal. There
live and learn funny and cute pinniped guys. 
13 Flying Paint

Flying Paint

In Russia you never know what the next morning prepares for you. Maybe some
paint thrown in the window of the commuter train you were going by..?
20 Torn Jeans? There Is a Way Out!

Torn Jeans? There Is a Way Out!

Tear the legs fully away and hitch them on
chains. Voila! New fashionable jeans are ready!
An Old Man Is On His Way To Krasnodar 1
21 An Old Man Is On His Way To Krasnodar

An Old Man Is On His Way To Krasnodar

A luxurious car that
really works!

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