56 Torturing an Eagle

Torturing an Eagle

Posted on April 29, 2010 by team

Torturing an Eagle 1

Here is a pet market… In cages are partridges, they are bought for beautiful singing, wood pigeons are bought to be eaten.  At one of the stumps some guys were standing and laughing – there an eagle was being tortured…

The owner shows the wingspread and offers to buy a bird for 50 dollars.

Torturing an Eagle 3

Near is another bird.

Torturing an Eagle 4

The bird is very weak, it is thrown on the asphalt and kicked.

Torturing an Eagle 5

Suddenly one of the vendors takes out a stuffed fox and starts tormenting the bird for laughter of the crowd.

Torturing an Eagle 6

Don’t want it to be tormented? Buy it!

Torturing an Eagle 7

The owner agreed to set it free for 20 dollars.

Torturing an Eagle 8Torturing an Eagle 9

One eagle was saved, but more than ten birds were still suffering in the market.

Torturing an Eagle 10

The eagle is being unleashed.

Torturing an Eagle 11–nextpage–Torturing an Eagle 12

The vendor promises if it doesn’t fly, he’ll give money back…

Torturing an Eagle 13

And the eagle flew but rather unwell … hardly had it flown to the nearest hill when children chased it. Hopefully it could survive and was not caught by knackers.

Torturing an Eagle 14via zyalt http://zyalt.livejournal.com/240284.html

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56 responses to “Torturing an Eagle”

  1. shmalex says:


  2. Chololo says:

    Those guys should be taken their eyeballs out, at least…

  3. CONNIE says:

    horrible I hate people who torture animals.

  4. Macsen says:

    Bloody cowards!

  5. dwight schrutte says:

    kill chechens;

    • shmalex says:

      how did you manage to figure out those are chechens?
      they aren’t

      • Jimbo says:

        Just muslims of another sect. The world expects such behavior from muslims. Would still be nicer to be a tortured eagle than a woman living in that caveman slum. It’s not simply the torture of an animal, it’s the entire crumbling humanity of these people that sickens the civilized. There are far poorer people, under much more hardship, who display more dignity and humanity than these cowards. Their filth diminishes humanity. We have evolved past them and it would be best to have them sterilized. They are culturally useless, genetically offensive, and should be urged into extinction or at the very least, sterilized so they don’t wean any further and we as a race must be burdened by their offspring. They’re too ignorant and simple to escape their slum, so the advantage of watching them devolve back to the dirt from whence they came is something we must not only watch, but learn from, and never allow to occur again.

  6. YJ says:

    I hope these guys gets bear clawed and eaten by wolfs, the next time when they hunt.

  7. w says:

    If the bird was not weak it might peck your eyes out.

  8. hurk says:

    sick. I hope those people starve to death

  9. are you kidding says:

    Pathetic !

  10. UB says:

    It’s not an eagle, it’s a Steppe Buzzard (Buteo vulpinus).

  11. user says:

    Doesn’t matter what kind animal. Not justification for this type of behavior.

  12. Pinky says:

    My God, this is worse than barbaric. Where did this happen? Aren’t there laws against cruelty to animals? This is absolutely shocking.

    • RussianeedsObama says:

      Seems to one, it would be easier to show respect for the animals that nourish their hunger, then to the humans that oppress them. In several third world countries animals are prized because the life they sustain. Living conditions is not an excuse for being inhumane.

  13. zanni says:

    I’m sorry for the bird, but those who make angry comments should consider that the living conditions in that country are barbaric (I was born and grew up there). Human life and dignity isn’t worth a dime there, why would these people care about animals when their own lives are pretty worthless where they live? That life makes you rough. The stuff I’ve seen growing up, I’ll never give a damn about animals again. Any feelings for “poor animals”–I lost them pretty much back when I was a kid or teenagers cause I’ve seen much worse happen to humans later. So yeah hope the bird was saved, but people live in savage conditions around the world and this should be addressed first, cause people who feel they don’t have their dignity respected won’t respect that of other.

    • Jimbo says:

      Ah, yes. Excuses abound for those deserving of death. Savages are savages, lifestyle be damned. The only redeeming thing about these savages’ society IS the animals. I don’t care HOW hard their lives are. We owe them no apology. If they have any souls, they’ll do the world a favor and set themselves on fire.

      • Rolfli says:

        Hi Jimbo, I very seldom comment on such issues, because I can’t seem to find strong enough words to express myself, BUT, I congratulate you on your absolutely brilliant comments… You have spoken with the words I couldn’t find. Good on ya!

      • Judy says:

        Jimbo, do the world a favor and set yourself on fire. Your jingoism is disgusting.

  14. zanni says:

    Growing up, I remember that a lot of animal torture was going around… sometimes we, kids, would find dead animals that had been tortured. Well in the country that tortured tons of people in labor camps and psychiatric jails, where people could be killed by a negligent drunk doctor with no consequences or tortured by having surgical procedure done without anesthetics or see their house blown up during the bombing (that part came later), what in the hell do you expect? You’ll see this around the world: in Asia, Africa and South America. You just can’t expect things from people who have to live like savages.

  15. zanni says:

    As to those who preach revenge on them… well here’s a story–a cop who worked in Moscow Zoo as a guard used to tease eagles and spit at them. Once he pressed his face against the netting so he could aim better. It took only a fraction of a second for an eagle to jump on the net (these things are Fast) and sink the claws into his cheeks. If you know how strong the eagle’s paws are you get the idea.

  16. ZeroDrop says:

    At least the eagle is still in one piece… Thy could’ve done worse!

    In Russia there’s no law against it, but cruelty have nothing to do with any law…

    • Dantes says:

      I dont think we should burn our nuclear arsenal, why would we ? It has nothing to do with birds.

      I agree with comments, no excuse for that kind of behavior…

    • Monita says:

      1. It’s not Russia, it’s Uzbekistan.
      2. The law against cruelty against animals in Russia exists and works.

  17. Andrew- Boston says:

    Wow, in the US you would get arrested for that. Particularly to an eagle. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think since eagles are both an endangered species and the national emblem, it’s a federal offense.

    • SSSR says:

      And there would also be a huge fine to pay.However if a person in the USA was lost in the mountains and starving to death it would be legal to shoot a eagle for food,if 1 could be shot!

  18. bobo the shrunken warrior says:

    there are 4 kinds of birds in the world. ducks, chickens, crows and eagles. this is not a duck…it is not a chicken and not a crow, therefore it must be an eagle. hohohoho

    and fyi. i dont think these birdhandlers deserve to die a horrible death. not that i think what they did was nice or anything though…

  19. Monita says:

    That’s Uzbekistan!

  20. Sergey S. says:

    1) It’s neither Russia nor Chechnja. It’s Uzbekistan, an independent country

    2) It’s just faked tourist show with a specially trained bird

  21. Pompom says:

    I am very sad to see this 🙁

  22. George Johnson says:

    You can tell what kind of of person is, by the way it treats animals.

    Really sad, but probably normal and accepted in that part of the country.

    Glad to see somebody pay them to release it.

  23. stokessd says:

    I’d toss a few paypal dollars toward paying some thugs to torture these folks. Especially if we could get some photos of that as well. It would be a proper flash-mob.

  24. How a society treats it’s children and animals is a good barometer of civility, or the absense of it, there.

    Obviously these guys are absent.

  25. PKS says:

    All you dimwits here, who feel sorry for the bird, but desired USSR to collapse in due time, well – as they say, be careful what you wish for. While these savage outskirts of ex-USSR were under Russian rule all rare species were well-protected, cruelty to any anymals was persecuted. Not anymore.

  26. Mikhail says:

    The subhumans keeping those eagles captive should have their balls cut off, then shot in the knees, then dumped in a frozen lake. These are the same subhuman race that are killing Russian tigers, and smuggling the dead tigers into China. Just solve the problem and gas all of them.

  27. test says:

    Indeed a sorry sight.

    But I am amazed that some people here are suggesting the same treatment for the captors of the bird, yet have the audacity to claim civility.

    and it is from with-in this crowd that someone shilled out $20 to save the bird.

    • stokessd says:

      “But I am amazed that some people here are suggesting the same treatment for the captors of the bird, yet have the audacity to claim civility. ”

      I never claimed to be Civilized… I just have some paypal dollars that I’d toss towards seeing these folks suffer.

  28. Alice says:

    There is no law in Russia????
    My God, this men are evil. So cruel…

  29. Josie says:

    That is terrible. I hope the eagle survived.

  30. Rocio says:

    Poor eagle, i wiss they could be in its place to suffer like that or even more.

  31. Al73 says:

    there you are, evidence that belonging to the homo sapien species does not mean the creature is human.

  32. That Guy says:

    What a deranged yet effective business ploy… it’s deprived, but it got them their money. I wonder how much they’ll make by publicly torturing the rest of the poor birds.

  33. Goobah says:

    This is why I have a real hard time being upset when Afghans, any “stans” or these barbarian cultures are getting blown up be it by American or coalition bombs.
    “How do you know which ones are terrorists, and civilians?
    The ones that run are terrorists..the ones that stand still are well disciplined terrorists>”

  34. Louis says:

    Du beau bétail ! C’est une race universelle qui ne connaît pas les frontières.

  35. Bob Marley died of Melanoma right ?“.

  36. melanoma is quite dangerous, so make sure that you get early detection or early treatment.-,

  37. That was the nicest thing they let go the eagle. In or country people who torture the eagle especially the bald eagle you could go jail and be under arrest for animal crulty and have to pay proably $25,000 dollars and might have to spend in jail depends what the jud say. In our country is illegal to kill innocent animals like wild animal or domestic animal. Because our country protect animals and is not allowed to neglect animals. Poor innocent eagle who got turtured hopefully lives happily in its new home. I wonder if your country protect animals I have no idea seriously.

  38. Your country has amazing birds that our country might not have. I hope their country take good care of their animals in some countries they don’t have no more their animals because people where careless and they no longer ensist no other place in the world there use to be but,people kill to many of them or ate it as food the last animal species where left but they kill it and there future generation no longer ensist in the world. your god create it for your country that maybe no other country has that’s why your country is special.

  39. Peter says:

    Horrible people. Savages.

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