9 Drove Into House

Drove Into House

Posted on April 28, 2010 by team

Drive Into House 1

Well done! Driving miracles…



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9 Responses to “Drove Into House”

  1. connie says:

    NUMERO UNO!!! What a bummer.

  2. ivo says:

    Yeah. You’re a bummer. second

  3. Satyajit says:

    Hopefully the driver didn’t get hurt much. Being in a Volvo always helps!

  4. Cracker says:

    Why is there a charred human body in this house? or is it a sculpture made out of poop?

  5. Wraith says:

    Was the driver talking on a cell phone at the time?

  6. Frankie says:

    I wish I could drive into a house :(

  7. w says:

    1 foot to the right and they could’ve destroyed that eyesore sculpture.

  8. I am the first time on this site and am really enthusiastic about and so many good articles. I think it’s just very good.
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  9. Aleksandar says:

    It’s funny how it actually made that piece of shit “art” look kinda cool, in the first photo it looks like a still from some weird ass Silent Hill film :D

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