57 Military Units near Moscow City

Military Units near Moscow City

Posted on April 26, 2010 by

Army units near Moscow 1

One Russian blogger has spotted tens of army heave machinery units, tanks and ballistic missiles parked in the temporary camp that was overnight built near Moscow city suburb “Khodynskoe”. o

Army units near Moscow 2

Army units near Moscow 3

Army units near Moscow 4

Army units near Moscow 5

Army units near Moscow 6

Army units near Moscow 7

Army units near Moscow 8

Army units near Moscow 9

Army units near Moscow 10

Army units near Moscow 11

Army units near Moscow 12


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57 Responses to “Military Units near Moscow City”

  1. Zondernaam says:


  2. Luis says:

    Is that a T-34 in the back of that truck? It would be better to stay in a military museum.

  3. Icke says:

    It’s for the victory parade on 9th mai.

  4. maxD says:

    The new defense minister [a civilian] ordered that all soldiers should take a one-hour nap in the afternoon and go home for the weekend.
    Maybe this is their overnight parking spot. Some time ago people found a whole tank brigade in the mountains, deserted. Army is a mess.

  5. Boritz says:

    All this for a parade? In the USA you will never see such a display. It seems that Russia remains obsessed with its military. I find this disheartening.

    • Dmitri says:

      We have only little to be proud of, more and more idi0tic things are happening every day.

      Putin was promoting Arbidol anti flu on TV, [does not work BTW]


      Obama introduced health care for all in the US, in Russia they made health care [starting last friday] commercial only. Germany, Holland, USA are more ‘s0cia1ist’ that Russia now

    • Dmitri says:

      We have only little to be proud of, more and more idi0tic things are happening every day.

    • Dmitri says:

      Putin was pr0moting Arbidol anti flu pills on TV.


    • Dmitri says:

      Puti*n was pr0moting Arbidol anti flu pills on TV.

    • Dmitri says:

      Prime minister P. was pr0moting Arbidol anti flu pills on TV.

    • Dmitri says:

      Obama introduced health care for all in the US, in Russia they made health care [starting last friday] commercial only. Germany, Holland, USA are more ‘s0cia1ist’ that Russia now

    • Dmitri says:


      read and cry

    • Chris says:

      Uhm, there was this war with Germany 50 years ago, where Russia lost many people.

      WWII was an existential battle for Russia, unlike for the US which guarded by two oceanic moats.

  6. Thar says:

    well, USA is exacly the same, except it is more hidden, and even worse, e.g. metal storm, how awful is that idea.

  7. KBR says:

    it is like every year, even the planes are the same and more interesting like the MIG 31.

    And in the US you have the same but you have to come to an army base, while in Russia the army base comes to you. It is the same but the other way around.

    Conclusion: east-west, north-south are all the same but different package.

    • Stephen says:

      I like how one of you are talking about a video game (call of duty modern warfare) It’s like being upset when a movie comes out and the Russians are upset about being the bad guy in a James bond movie. Its not real and it is not to be a offense to you, you should take pride in the respect and intimidation you have over the whole world. Even if you don’t like that it is what is keeping you safe at night, no one wants to mess with you because your so strong, Look at America with there new president Obama he is weak and the country is turning that way also.

      I have always wondered this, why Do Russian not like Americans, we fought and died right next to you in the same foxholes in Russia together. We were fighting for both are freedom shoulder to shoulder. I understand that it was not are land we fought for but we did fight and die for Mother Russia also. Every one in ww11 was fighting for there land there women and there children. And the greatest love you can have for your bother it to lay down your life for them, and may Americans died for Russia just like many Russians Died for America. Even if you don’t want to think like this it did happen. God bless Russian and God bless America

      • eger_666 says:

        Russia does not hate USA. Usa hate Russia and think that Russia hate USA. ‘Nuff said.

      • maxD says:

        So much distrust and paranoia was put in the hearts of the Russians during Soviet times, it does not just evaporate. Most Americans are 100% indifferent towards Russians. Who find this hard to believe, because in Russia politics are a favorite subject of discussion, unlike the US.

        • SSSR says:

          Russian’s love the technology of the west but they hate the politics.There will always be some uneasy thoughts between Russia and the USA.Since the Soviet Union fell the attitude between the 2 countries has improved much,but it is still 2 superpowers on each side of the earth.There will always be some negativity there.When I grew up in the 70s and 80s I was amazed at how much power the 2 countries had.At 1 time the tensions between the 2 superpowers was 1 millimeter away from the end of human life on earth.I am glad that did not happen!

          • Dmitri says:

            Russia is no longer a superpower. We have lots of gas and the country is very large, that is it. We hardly manufacture anything, export besides gas and other natural resources is close to zero.

            Organisation,logistics and politics, all is nightmare and getting worse every day.

            No longer a superpower

            • SSSR says:

              I thought Russia went back to superpower status years after CCCP.I guess it didn’t.The next superpower will be China.

              • Comatus says:

                “China will be the next superpower”

                “WILL BE”??? Is, more like. 2-million man standing army, owns the debt of other industrialized nations, is a massive net exporter of goods, is expanding and reinforcing its military… China is the new US. Scary.

      • Chris says:

        Nice reply.

        >I like how one of you are talking about a video game
        >(call of duty modern warfare) It’s like being upset
        >when a movie comes out and the Russians are upset
        >about being the bad guy in a James bond movie. Its
        >not real and it is not to be a offense to you

        It is offensive because it is viewed as anti-Russian propaganda when Russia is consistently portrayed as a villain, for the last 60 years.

        I’m Polish and even I am annoyed seeing Russia consistently portrayed as a villain when it is the US that goes around invading countries and search for pretenses to invade more.

        >I have always wondered this, why Do Russian not
        >like Americans

        You have it backwards.

        Living in Canada, I’ve always wondered why people here and in the US don’t like Russians.

        When was the last time Russians invaded North America?

        When Brezhnev was asked in Toronto in regard to how many missiles the Russians had pointed at Canada he said none, he’s got nothing against the Indians =)

        Very nice reply though!

  8. Rick says:

    I loved the skyline shot with the storm clouds in the distance

  9. Xplorer says:

    Too much idle talk about ordinary stuff. Heey people haven’t you ever seen tanks!? Its conventional military camp, but its not in the desert, so what?
    Not to everyone. I’ve found somebody’s comments really interesting

  10. Xplorer says:

    Too much idle talk about ordinary stuff. Heey people haven’t you ever seen tanks!? Its a conventional military camp, its not in the desert, so what?
    Not to everyone. Somebody’s comments I’ve found really interesting

  11. Gerald says:

    hahhahhahah thats sweet about 10 times more military equipment than all of canada.

  12. wow!! its greats for military tools..

  13. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Yup, it’s for a parade. I would say this, please. The average American doesn’t hate Russia. They have never hated Russia. Americans feared the Soviet Union because of Communism and their ability to shoot missiles at the USA. Growing up, I often worried about a Soviet-American nuclear war. With the end of the Soviet Union, most Americans wished Russia well. Why should we hate Russia? Far as I can tell, the average Russian wants the same things the average American wants – to be happpy, live a good life, and to raise their families. Nothing to hate there. I am grateful not to have to be concerned about a Russian-American nuclear war. Unfortunately, the threats are now different, and frankly threaten both countries, and here I speak of Islamic extremists. I believe we can, should, and must work together to meet this threat. Having said all this, I wish Russia and the Russians a happy Victory Day.

  14. Seshan says:

    Do they have to re-paint everything white in the winter? :P

  15. Stephen says:

    Well thanks for helping me understand more about this, I think that the both country’s try and divide the people to control them and its sad. Can you imagine what the two greatest country’s in the world could do if they would just get along. It will have to be this way if we are to stop Islamic Wave of hatred that is staring to wash over planet. London is gone and If Russia and America don’t address this soon it will be to late.

    • Matt (UK) says:

      Stephen, a low-level insurgency conducted by tiny numbers of people does not constitute “a wave of Islamic Hatred”. Quit with the hysteria.

      Russians don’t have a whole lot to celebrate right now, let them celebrate a past for which they are (rightly) famous. You guys over there need a cultural revolution this time, not a political one. It’s the Russian mentality which needs fixing…

      • maxD says:

        Agreed. Russian mentality will lead to nothing. An econonmy based on ‘networking’ [read: c0rruption] and short term vision, combined with zero innovation and a decline in education [Russia filed less patents in the last 50 years than Germany in one year - can you believe that ?] will lead to decline of everything.

  16. Stephen says:

    ohh and I can’t wait for the victory Parade on the 9th

  17. Chris says:

    In the 8th picture, there’s something that looks like a German Jagdpanther behind the T34- anyone know what that is? I’m actually more interested in the old planes, though. Anyone know anything about those?

  18. Berend says:

    Why are there old planes in the background? Is there an exhibition normally? It looks very interesting. Maybe you could perhaps take some pictures of those jets sometime. Would love to these photos of that! Anyway, thanks for the pictures of these military units!

  19. KaNe says:

    That is an aircraft museum Khodynka (which itself was an airport, now missing the runway). Those exibits really need care, I see early Mig-23S and that is MiG-25 (“M” prototype?).

    Artillery and missiles on the remaining airstrip parking straight are preparations for some parade, T-34 is probably a “mascot” from WW2…

  20. pascal says:

    In actual fact, (for those who have never been to Moscow) The aircraft are permanently stored here and are not part of the Victory Day Parade. Reason why you see all this Armaments next to the Aircrafts is that this is where they do their practice since its not to far away from Red Square were the actual parade is held.

  21. pascal says:

    By the way, if you Google Earth Khodynka Airfield on any normal day, you would see the Aircrafts minus the army heave machinery units. Khodynka Airfield used to be an Airforce Base before it relocated due to the growth of Moscow and the aircrafts were then stored here (Museum).

  22. vlionix says:


    Doesn’t look like the units are in regular use.

  23. Richard W. says:

    Verry impressive group. Where’s all the Men? It must have been difficult to take these pictures without being stopped and questioned or arrested?? It looks very well encamped, and pride in their parking. Amazing how the jets are so tightly parked, that must have been difficult, but well done. Hoping you are having a beautiful spring weather now. Have one shot of Stoli for me….lol…:)

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  25. 123 says:

    1940s are gone comrades. get over it.

  26. Musa says:

    Okay this is nice but I want to see more photographs of hot Russian Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen!

  27. Shshshsh says:

    Google earth-37 14 22.31N 115 48 47.18W!

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