21 An Old Man Is On His Way To Krasnodar

An Old Man Is On His Way To Krasnodar

Posted on April 22, 2010 by team

An Old Man Is On His Way To Krasnodar 1

A luxurious car that really works!

An Old Man Is On His Way To Krasnodar 2An Old Man Is On His Way To Krasnodar 3


21 Responses to “An Old Man Is On His Way To Krasnodar”

  1. Unknown says:

    A gypsy – you haz it!

  2. Poop Monster 5000 says:


  3. My Name Is Nobody says:

    Lawn mower would have been safer…

  4. DougW says:

    Got to admit it does run. Safely, probably not so.

  5. Irving2010 says:

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  6. r2k-in-the-vortex says:

    hey, atleast noone will ever try to steal it

  7. DouglasUrantia says:

    I am concerned that he only has one rear red light. Maybe someone can help him fix that.

    I also hope he has collision insurance. I’d hate to see that car not be fully covered in case of an accident.

  8. Kent_Diego says:

    Hey, better than walking. Faster (and cheaper) than riding the bus.

  9. OLUT says:

    What’s sad is that car was really cute when new. I love little, small hatchback-style cars.

  10. Jed118 says:

    Mad Max is on his way to find more…. Kerosene!!

  11. jon says:

    Gas canister in car! what could possibly go wrong?!

  12. Liza says:

    The indomitable human spirit… God bless him.

  13. I had a friend who drove an old fiat around that had no brakes. This guy is too much. The left rear wheel doesn’t even turn, lol. Do you think he will pass inspection?

  14. I am sorry komrade, but as everyone can plainly see you are not first, only second.

  15. too much vodka says:

    First to say “First to say first!”

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