11 Striking Artmoney

Striking Artmoney

Posted on April 18, 2010 by team


This is how money can become a cool tool for the real art.

Initially an outline is drawn, then money original fragments are selected and cut out. Finally, small dollar elements are connected like mosaic. Any idea or an image may be born.








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11 Responses to “Striking Artmoney”

  1. Mos_Ilie says:

    I’am the firts, am I ?

  2. geez says:


  3. eee says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Who is the artist?

  4. Northwest says:

    Nice art work, apparently the US dollar is now like the german mark in the 1930’s where a million dollars still couldn’t get you a loaf of bread.

  5. clinton says:

    The destruction of currency is considered fraud against the Treasury on the grounds you have deliberately reduced the money supply so the artist can be jailed on the statute of USC Chapter 18 Section 333 :p

    • Domo says:

      Yes, only if he did this in the US!

    • biggfredd says:

      Altering money “with intent to defraud” is illegal, like altering the 10s in the corner of a note to 100s.

      Making currency into pictures, with no claim that the money is some else, is legal.

      This is interesting art, but not nearly as clever as folding notes into shirts, rings, etc.

  6. SSSR says:

    I noticed that many sites on the net about Russia and many Russian sites in Russia have American money and not Russian money$

  7. sc31 says:

    Russian money is too ugly ;(

    make it out:

    p.s. you’ve found the sixth toe?

  8. NoName says:

    Using money for art work is perfectly acceptable

  9. Irving2010 says:

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