18 Flying Over Moscow-City

Flying Over Moscow-City

Posted on April 15, 2010 by team

Flying Over Moscow-City 13Flying Over Moscow-City 14Flying Over Moscow-City 15

They even brought chairs!

Flying Over Moscow-City 16

But someone was bored…

Flying Over Moscow-City 17Flying Over Moscow-City 18Flying Over Moscow-City 19via http://chistoprudov.livejournal.com

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18 Responses to “Flying Over Moscow-City”

  1. Anita says:

    Why all workers are Asians?

    • Smegma Kommando says:

      Construction workers are always ethnic minorities, duh.

    • momomo says:

      The workers in Moscow are generally coming from central Asia, from the ex-soviet republics (Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan, etc…) because there is no work or money there. All these post-Soviet governments completely destroyed their countries’ economy so the people have to seek work in Russia.

  2. mad1982 says:

    Nice building

  3. Mr. Truth says:

    My dear comrades, that is a toy helicopter.

  4. Musa says:

    Uhuh, cool toy! :cool:

  5. n says:

    ha, helicopter the building site and workers- reminds me of a GTA vicecity :DD

  6. ASIF says:

    u wrote that workers come from central asia but not that workers do not come from Turkmenistan coz tirkmenistan has strong economy with huge resources of gas etc. so you can say that workers come from 1.Kyrgyzstan 2.Uzbekistan 3.tajikstan ukraine etc.

    • RusDiva says:

      get over it, how do you know there is no workers from Turkmenistan? what, you went around and had them take a survey about what country they came from? nah, don’t think so…

  7. wodka says:

    n-That’s totally GTA Vice City! I loved that mission with the R/C helo- comments from the construction guys were hilarious!

  8. Finnish-Trash says:

    Those workers looks so russian… Not.

  9. Kent says:

    Could they not have hired a real photographer and pilot? Typical Russian “cheapness”. Makes you wonder what else they tried to save money on during the project… for example properly coating the re-bar.

    • 3axap says:

      For you information, the helicopter you see is a professional photography set up. These types of photography setups with RC models are used in many movies and aerial shots. Total cost of the setup can exceed $10k, so before you bash Russian “cheapness”, learn about the subject at hand.

  10. Thank you people for sharing your photograph for everyone that’s nice.

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