8 Abrau-Durso – The Flagship of Russian Winemaking

Abrau-Durso – The Flagship of Russian Winemaking

Posted on April 15, 2010 by team

Abrau-Durso - The Flagship of Russian Winemaking 1

Abrau-Durso is not a French name but Circassian. Abrau is a name of a lake that is translated as “precipice” . Durso – a river name translated as “four waters” because it feeds from four sources.

Abrau-Durso - The Flagship of Russian Winemaking 2

It takes an hour to get from the airport to Abrau-Durso.

Abrau-Durso - The Flagship of Russian Winemaking 3
The factory was built here in 1870 under the decree of emperor Alexander II. The first “Abrau” bottle was produced in 1898.

The biggest popularizer of Abrau Durso was Mikhail Bulgakov. He mentioned it nearly in all his novels.

Photos of those times are shown in one of the halls.


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  1. lithuanian says:

    na zdrovje

  2. Sarkawi says:


  3. MarkLenders says:

    And so?!

  4. Maximka says:

    It’s a great place, I’ve been there.

  5. momomo says:

    Wow! I’m very glad to see that the champagne-making (and drinking) traditions of the Russian Empire are still alive and are being developed! Hope to see a bottle of Abrau-Durso in a European wine shop soon!!

  6. party_pooper says:

    Has anyone noticed the fact that “our ambassadors” are clothed without any sense of fashion or good taste? They look poor and dirty. I would not purchase a product advertized by these individuals.

  7. Ivana Benderova says:

    Oh my! Just look at the extremely creepy people on the airplane in photo #2. As far as the BS about wine, champagne, cigars, etc… I am certain that almost anyone cannot tell much difference between a 3000.00 bottle of wine, and 3.00 bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill, or a 750.00 Gurkha’s His Majesty’s Reserve cigar from a 1.50 White Owl. LMAO, this just made my day!

  8. Ivan says:

    among this people are the former vice-prime minister Pochinok, one russian media ticoon and the TV shows host and TV documentals director Parfenov, the case of the creepy look they have, I suuppose, is that they are more of the intelectual elite than of the show-biz / glamor one, and the glamor is not well seen among the intelectuals in the modern russia.

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