20 The Following Day After Revolution

The Following Day After Revolution

Posted on April 11, 2010 by team

The Following Day After Revolution 1

Bishkek. Noght of April, 9th. Taxi drivers boosted prices to 500 dollars to the center of the city. Curiously enough but mobile communication still works.

Only few cars in the streets, no places to pay for mobile communication, no internet, no public transport… Three local Tv channels have been working for these days missing sometimes.

The Following Day After Revolution 2

From hearsay two filling stations have been burnt, in fact only one car has suffered. The city is full of rumors.

The Following Day After Revolution 3

Buildings are postered with words: “We are with people”, crossed paper strips on the window glasses.


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20 Responses to “The Following Day After Revolution”

  1. Dovanov says:


  2. Mario says:

    Impressive pictures! moves for thoughts…

  3. Swede says:

    Baltic merc snipers? Russia’s fear of the balts makes no sense anymore.

  4. Local leaders must follow Moscow, if they don’t, riots will be arranged.

  5. Leo Petr says:

    Great, ignorant anti-Semitic scapegoating in the signs.

  6. Vadim says:

    You forgot to mention how they also don’t like “Dirty Jews” as well as this Maxim.

  7. Zondernaam says:


  8. mike says:

    Oh jeez, guys. You left a freaking BTR-60 just lying around with the key in the ignition? How did you THINK that was going to end up?

    “Hey ma! I found a tank, can we keep it?”

  9. kalashnikov says:

    The sign in black letters reads: “There is no room in Kyrgyzstan for dirty Jews like Maxim.”

    • Baron says:

      no it’s not what it reads, it rather says: “…there is no place in kergizistan for dirty jews and tose who are like maxim…”

  10. den says:

    Fu.king animals.

  11. Greg says:

    Americans might be able to forget about the central Asian republics – the `stans’ – but don’t think everyone else has been ignoring them.

    Any educated European knows about them, knows that they’re a mess, knows that they all suffer from rotten government which need to be sorted out.

    Thing is, Europeans know that it’s not Europe’s responsibility or within Europe’s power to do so (imperialism’s so unfashionable these days). But we watch and listen and pay attention…

    P.S. The only good anti-semitic bigot is a dead anti-semitic bigot. Same to all other race hate merchants.

    P.P.S. A Jew lover, me? Not often, but I’ve been lucky with a few hot Jewish chicks in the past.

  12. _ says:

    Some people build, others destroy. It looks like the narod are the parasites this time around.

  13. These are great pictures.
    I love the end. “Tomorrow the world will forget about this country for another 5 years…”.

    Sad but true.

  14. minna says:

    The sign against Maxim says “Dirty Jews and Maxim have no place here.” WTF “dirty Jews”? Maxim is a very bad non-practing Muslim. I lived in Central Asia and there are very, very few Jews there at all, let alone anything related to the president. That piece of nastiness was all their own fault; no international conspiracy necessary. I’m mostly sympathetic to the people so angry with the now-gone government, and the one before it. I lose it when I see things like that; instead of justifiably angry abused populace, they look like wackjob mobs unsure whom to blame or how to identify their problems.

  15. Some guy says:

    Am I the only one who thinks these pic captions make no sense whatsoever?

  16. Finnish-Trash says:

    What happens when there is nothing to unite a people. Anarchy.

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