67 Striptease In Bratsk

Striptease In Bratsk

Posted on April 9, 2010 by team

Striptease In Bratsk 1

In Russia you can see striptease even at the opening of an ordinary computer store. In fact not only you but any teenager or children as well. And it won’t be a show in the darkness of a nightclub – it will be real striptease in the public square in the centre of the city as if it was a fair.

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67 Responses to “Striptease In Bratsk”

  1. lithuanian says:

    proud to be No1
    Lifetime achievement

  2. ralph says:

    where are the uncensored pictures

  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    here http://crazys.info/1270792992-striptiz_v_bratske.html
    nothing really interesting to see though

  4. daniel says:

    yes, where are the GOOD pictures? we want the real deal!

  5. h96 says:

    uncensored pic,now, lol

  6. h96 says:


  7. Weee says:

    uncensored pics?

  8. raiman says:

    for popular decision, the people have spoken,uncensored pic, please

  9. wodka says:

    Hey Best Buy, here is an idea to increase sales! I would probably show up, you know, for a new lap dance, oops, I mean laptop.

  10. Mads says:

    Such a display of cultural superiority, for sure…

  11. Here Russia shows her best and what do they do? They censor them. Give me a break, at least give us the address for the live, uncensored shots.I want the video of that girl in her red pants doing her divine dance.

  12. Weee says:

    Found this guys, http://www.dns-shop.ru/bratsk/news_detail.php?n=5470 I don’t speak or read russian, but it looks like there are album links in the comments, you have to registers.

  13. Maraudon says:

    Why the censorship? We are all grownups here.

  14. yohaa says:

    yuh. Ayıp ulan :D

  15. Weee says:

    There’s like a million cameras there, there has to be some good pics some where.

  16. notrussianguy says:


    It’s not that hard to google guys!

  17. LT says:

    Russia is a gifted country.

  18. Misha says:

    WTF is up with the censored pics yo? Lets see what Russia had to offer!

  19. Mizz(A)... says:

    Cool pics, (and, Yes by the side one can see much more of that things on a ordinary beach here. I was taking a bath naked in the sea after a sauna even during the winter)

  20. Swede says:

    I see no proof of any clothing being taken off.

  21. hoho says:

    The uncensored pics are disappointing. There isn’t anything in it that would really justify a censorhip.

  22. Schultenbrau says:

    And once it’s proven again, Russians have absolutely no morals.
    These girls have a peanut in their head instead of a brain.
    I don’t not hope their future employers or schoolteachers ( or parents?! ) will find these images.

  23. The Stegosaur says:

    Simon says, uncensor them.

  24. Andrew says:

    There a child is watching too (in the right corner)…
    A VERY free country!

  25. Standing Wolf says:

    Russia seems to change aristocracies every few decades, but the same old attitudes prevail.

  26. Daniel says:

    uffff uncensored pics please!!!

  27. WWM says:

    Uncensoured pics for you guys :) Hello from Bratsk by the way ;)

  28. oleg says:

    where? when? never know bout this. must check out the next computer opening

  29. are you kidding says:

    This web site seems to get more redundant everyday !

  30. OLUT says:

    They bring striptease artists to the computer store opening as a public service: This is the only way the computer nerds will ever see a live, naked woman!

  31. Daud says:

    Memo to self: Move to Bratsk. Those chicks are cute and if they’re really that dumb they’ll find me interesting.

  32. todd keilholz says:

    Born April 8, 1948
    ss # 561-74-6506

    dob 1950-08-June
    ss # 556-72-0101

  33. SSSR says:

    Ah yes,the censorship on a server in the USA!I googled the adress (crazys.info/1270792992-striptiz_v_bratske.html) from notrussianguy on this post.Anyway we are not missing much,there are better looking women in the internet to look at.

  34. briedis says:

    Thanks for da link :D

  35. Kirov says:

    The uncensored ones are lame. Girls in bikini. A girl with floppy teabag ti.ts. A girl in a pantyhose[!]. One set of nice twins on a skinny girl

    I see more and better things when my mom takes a shower

  36. ZeroDrop says:

    Bikini doesn’t justify censorship. Bikini is not nude!

    Any beach in the world have lots of girls in bikini and it’s no problem.

    This is to make people think these girls were nude!! Only two girls showed their nipples, and one of them, more than once.

    Anyway, girls in Russia are so beautiful!

  37. Dmitri Put In says:

    Get hyphy hyphy hyphy!

  38. YJ says:

    Gosh so degrading, can they get the point across without getting naked.

  39. navajito says:

    now we are start to put those BS things on the naked pictures and in Russia WTF
    when the girls start to F at the age of 14!!!

  40. Joe Ravioli says:

    So kids can see it on the streets in Russia, but adults can’t see it on the internet?

  41. John says:

    Wow! I just love tight shirts they wear.

  42. Musa says:

    Again ER ruins another post of delightful photographs by covering the best parts with ugly censor blocks! :roll:

  43. Ned says:

    You aren’t missing much. It is ridiculous because most of the girls are in bikinis! Here is link: http://crazys.info/print:page,1,1270792992-striptiz_v_bratske.html

  44. vlad says:

    I love Russia…

  45. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along.
    I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.Nice blog,I will keep visiting this blog very often.


    ¿Cómo se puede ser tan mojigatos? ¿Cómo se puede censurar unas fotografías como éstas en los tiempos que vivimos?

  47. from Russia says:

    Girls are not nud but in bikini

  48. pafal says:

    it is no wonder why russian girls come to usa to work in stripclubs. It is natural for them to take it off.

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