20 Civil War in Kyrgyzstan

Civil War in Kyrgyzstan

Posted on April 8, 2010 by

civil war in Kirgizia 1

Maybe a lot of you have seen a lot of news reports about clashes in Kyrgyzstan, ex Soviet Russian republic. It was pretty bloody like 40 people dead and 200 wounded, but not long, until the evening they report all was over, the main policeman killed and the president fled the country on a private jet with a group of supporters.

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20 Responses to “Civil War in Kyrgyzstan”

  1. Wakka says:

    For the mother land!

  2. Arthur says:

    Why can’t this happen in USA??

  3. Weee says:

    “Maybe a lot of you have seen a lot of news reports about clashes in Kyrgyzstan” Haven’t seen a thing, Yay! for western media!

  4. YJ says:

    US made UTG rifle stock 70 dollars a piece and Eotech red dot optics that cost 500 dollar a piece. The Eotech is restricted for export to some part of the world. It is very questionable of how the rioters got it in their possession.

    • Allen says:

      Actually, probably a Taiwanese manufactured UTG AK forearm, and the Eotech is likely a Chinese knockoff. More interesting are the Krink’s being deployed without opening the stock – bad form to use these in a crowd control situation like a pistol.

      • YJ says:

        Eotech is most likely not a knockoff the shape of the branding looks legitimate, while a knockoff will have a different branding or no brand at all.

  5. Testicules says:

    This doesn’t happen in the USA because it is civilized. Lawyers have the monopoly on revolution.

  6. CXW says:

    Bakiev hasn’t fled the country and says he’s in the south. At least 68 dead and almost 500 injured. And I doubt it’s over yet, even if hopefully the violence has stopped. Why is this tagged as funny?!

  7. E. says:

    Ditto, why the hell is this funny??? The U.S. and Russia jockeying for influence in this tiny country that doesn’t deserve to become a second Afghanistan. Ugh. Get out, spies, be you Eurasian or North American, and let Kyrghizia to itself!

  8. Frankie says:

    Old news are old.

  9. JerryBarada says:

    Guy in the last picture (the one without the mask..) looks like my father-in-law.

  10. wodka says:

    Sad days. Coming soon to a state near you.

  11. 5.45 says:

    Excellent post. I love revolutions. But why do they all look like japs? I thought this was about Russia?

  12. Great article. Looking forward to reading more posts by you. Thanks.

  13. Joe HairyPalms says:

    once again America shows it’s Freedom superiority

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