18 Weird Lenin Head

Weird Lenin Head

Posted on April 4, 2010 by

weird russian lenin statue 1

Another example of weird Lenin statue. Now, it has a following history. First installed in Communists times (no wonder), it was staying there for years, until somewhere in modern times some Russian kids didn’t smash its head off.

So it stayed for a long time with a crushed head covered with a plastic bag. But later, local red party activists have got some sculptor involved to restore the original look of their idol, and.. as a result he got the head in place but it came out he got some mistakes in scaling the thing out.

weird russian lenin statue 2

weird russian lenin statue 3

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18 Responses to “Weird Lenin Head”

  1. Zondernaam says:


  2. Sarkawi says:


  3. Sarkawie says:


  4. Dogz says:


  5. Kromlin says:

    Horay for democrats!

  6. Ladies Wigs says:

    The head makes it look like he was suffering from dwarfism.

  7. Gosplan_committee says:

    it’s Lenin, when he was a little boy

  8. Change life says:

    Stalin in 1880, 2 years.

  9. Testicules says:

    Lenin says, “Bow down before your master!”

  10. YJ says:

    Hehehe, he looks like a midget now.

  11. Alex says:

    ahahahahaha thats real lenin i remeber him! he looks like that dog http://candydog.ru/index.php?productID=250 ahahahah

  12. yuri says:

    After all these years, collectivism has finally gone to Lenin’s head. His gigantic, pulsating head.

  13. Ivana Benderova says:

    But it is to scale. Everyone knows that Lenin suffered from having a too big head…

  14. Have you ever seen Lenin? He is like as tall as the Three Stooges.

  15. Oji says:

    LOL!!! Chibi Lenin! ROFL!

  16. Bongo says:

    Pip boy Lenin style

  17. ozoneocean says:

    Best Lenin statue in existence.

  18. Tim says:

    Nothing I hate more than Communist and Socialist…What is it gonna take to rid this filth??? Burn that statue…. burn anything that resembles Communism…. In America we are facing an up coming change to Socialism…I pray Obama fails and rots in Prison….This is world is such a cruel and greedy place..we need to rid these ruthless leaders and rid the certain rich people that control the world..time to do away with the ‘old money’
    Old Money is running the world…lets take it from them…..

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