Airport dispatcher 1
21 Airport as a Dispatcher Sees It

Airport as a Dispatcher Sees It

Daily record of takeoffs and landings at the Domodedovo International Airport is 724. Maximum hourly capacity of two runways working simultaneously is 43 aircrafts. All this air traffic is controlled by dispatchers working day and night
at the air traffic control tower. Profession of air traffic controller is among the most difficult ones speaking of psychological stress. Let's spend some time with professionals who control tens thousands of lives.
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14 Flight to the Moon

Flight to the Moon

In the remote past – and to be more precise, in 1955 – the people of the Soviet Union had many victories, discoveries and inventions pickaback. But still, there were also many things that they were deprived of; and the main thing that
they lacked for above all was not money, welfare or something material. It was the thing that each of them was gazing at all night round and dreaming that someday this mysterious and unexplored world would enter their lives.
Russian tin foil hut

19 Tin Foil Hut

Tin Foil Hut

The best way to get yourself hundred percent proved protection from brain slugs and alien brain-control transmissions you can wear a tin-foil hat. That's a well known fact. But in order to get two hundred percent protection you need to move further and take some more serious approach for your brain security. This guy decided that more
tin foil the better. He couldn't probably convince his wife in the necessity of the protection layer everywhere so he grabbed his couch, his desktop pc and a few giant rolls of tin foil and moved to his garage, where before they stored some food supplies - you still can see that passage down the floor.
25 Ice diving in Kazakhstan

Ice diving in Kazakhstan

Kaindy Lake is a unique place in Kazakhstan very famous among divers for its hidden underwater forest. Here
is a story of five a little bit crazy guys set off there looking for a good chance for ice diving.
Russian guy shaves his cat

12 Shaven Russian Pussy!

Shaven Russian Pussy!

When you hear about Russian shaven pussy I doubt you think about of some one literary shaving a cat... but there are some of those in Russia! Guy got tired of his cat not being able to hairstyle it properly with its fur being to stiff and not easy. This lead a poor thing to an
execution of a rear kind. With an electric shaver and help from other they managed to turn the pussy into shaven strange animal who was protecting its right to bare some hair until the end and even succeeded in biting a finger of one of the executors.
Russian soldiers are wtf

18 Soldiers of WTF

Soldiers of WTF

In order to serve in Belarussian special forces people have to be champions in WTF sports. Just to name some: they need to be able play football (soccer) while
playing solo on an electric guitar, or to run good result ski race on paved road without any ice or snow on its surface. Can you do that, soldier?!
Tomato\'s airport view 1
20 Airport as a Tomato Sees It

Airport as a Tomato Sees It

Haven't you ever been curious of how aircraft food is cooked? Let's find it out while following a regular tomato from the time it gets inside a
five-storied mechanized canteen cooking for flights taking off at the Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport till its death from the chef's knife.

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