World's largest sedan from Russia

33 World’s Largest Sedan from Russia

World’s Largest Sedan from Russia

Looks like the world biggest sedan car was build long ago in Soviet Russia. It originated from Russian truck manufacturer and had a 38.8 litres engine (38800 cc). It weights 28 tons and can tow up to 85 tons load. You might ask how much is fuel consumption? We've got the answer, it had probably world worst record
of 0.5 mpg (or 120 litres for 100 km). What else was cool with this car is that it had two steering wheels from each side (don't know why) and there were produced only three of them, and none of them is intact nowadays. Also there is not much photos of it, but still we have a couple.
crashed camera 1
23 Crashed camera

Crashed camera

That was the state of a Sony Alpha A200 when the author of these photos got it. It was... Let's say someone trod it down several times. The rear view is the same - broken LCD leaked,
protective plastic cover was missing. It was absolutely clear that there's no way to repair this poor camera. So a curious mind and a screwdriver were set on foot.
transparent police 2

57 Transparent Georgian police

Transparent Georgian police

The pride of the Georgian police is transparent police departments' buildings. Their transparency symbolizes the transparency and honesty of the
police officers' work. There were some rumors that some of these buildings have been rebuilt from former underworld leaders' cottages.
ice sauna 3
13 Icy sauna

Icy sauna

This building of ice blocks appears in Baikalsk for the third time. Baikalsk is a small town not far from Irkutsk on the southern bank of the Baikal Lake. Winters are long and severe here. This allows to build anything from ice and it will stand for a
long time. But it's hard to imagine two incompatible things together - ice walls and 120 Celsius degrees heat inside a sauna. But it's true. Water-boiling temperatures are divided from freezing ice only with a 1-inch-thick partition.
snow terror in russia 1

13 The Snow Terror

The Snow Terror

"A new convict is suspected in mass terror, responsible for thousands of cars damaged and normal traffic disrupted all across Russian Federation. He's name is Snow and he is wanted by federal
government to be detained and appear before gran jury." Looks not very real? But could be a good excuse: if people can't control snow they can accuse it and try to sue it!
14 Russian Super Granny

Russian Super Granny

This Russian granny from Dagestan is almost eighty years old
but she can probably easily beat any young city boy up!

23 Airport as an Airplane Sees It; Part One

Airport as an Airplane Sees It; Part One

Dozens of airplanes arrive at the international airport of Domodedovo daily and there are lots of staff engaged in taking them in, cleaning them, fueling them up, sometimes fixing them and eventually
seering them off. Today we will tell you about how all these things are carried out under such overcommitted conditions of the airport with daily capacity of more than 1000 airplanes.
doorless russian mazda 1

20 Doorless Russian Mazda

Doorless Russian Mazda

If you leave your car somewhere around this city unattended you can get a... doorless car overnight. Such "door stripping" operation can save an owner of the same type mazda car a few hundreds dollars if he wants to repair
it after some accident and the thieves can gladly deliver the needed parts from some random parked car. Before, the mirrors and headlights were taken most often but it seems to be a something new one.

18 Shuvalov Bell Factory

Shuvalov Bell Factory

There is certainly something fascinating about bells. They are not just tools for producing high-quality and extraordinary clear sounds. Bell is also a means of fellowship of God and people. Somehow, bells draw His attention to something
that’s happening in a church. For toll can be a festive or a mournful thing; it also can inform one of good news or just please your ear with music that the toller makes. And there is more. Each bell is a work of art itself.
SAMSUNG factory in Kaluga TV sets manufacture 10
25 SAMSUNG factory in Kaluga. TV sets manufacture

SAMSUNG factory in Kaluga. TV sets manufacture

SAMSUNG LCD and plasma-panel televisions factory opened in Kaluga in September, 2008. The Russian SAMSUNG factory produces nearly all the range of TV sets and monitors models. In Russia SAMSUNG company is primarily known as electronics and household appliances manufacturer. Despite the fact that more than 70% of
the concern sales is related to electronic industry, SAMSUNG has become prominent nearly in all spheres of business. SAMSUNG cars congest roads in Korea, there are SAMSUNG bank and insurance companies, amusement park SAMSUNG, hotels, advertising and construction SAMSUNG companies…

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