30 Top Lenin Monuments Pranks

Top Lenin Monuments Pranks

A few days ago some pranksters from a village near the Russian city Bryansk have accomplished a paint job on their local Lenin monument making the once most powerful communist leader look rather like a clown from the local flea
market. Thus this is the latest of the series of Lenin Monuments pranks that took place in Russia lately. We reviewed them all and now this post is a sort of compilation of this fresh one and ones we had before.
Car destroyer 2

26 Winter Car Destroyer

Winter Car Destroyer

One of the St.Petersburg rope access techs who was involved in cleaning city roofs this winter had exposed some interesting photos in his blog. Remember a post about cars
crashed with ice some weeks ago? Photos here are very similar but their author confesses to intentionally drop huge icicles onto cars parked close to walls.
16 Slavic Sexuality

Slavic Sexuality

Museum "Slavic birch bark" based in Novosibirsk has opened a secret of Old Russians sexual life. An exhibition with a weird name "Slavic erotica: grass on the bottom of a river" combining works of various artists, specializing in reconstruction of ancient erotic symbols, rituals and archetypes. Those who had been ever interested with this topic know that sexual activities in Old Russian folklore involved
not only people themselves but birds and animals, household utensils and clothes, agricultural tools. This unknown for us erotic universe was revealed in this exhibition where works of different level were presented - from original and interesting to openly vulgar. Here are photos of the most interesting and funny "sculptures" mostly made by one author - Victor Khahalin.
Atomic station construction

13 Inserting a Reactor

Inserting a Reactor

Exclusive photos of Russian atomic reactor being inserted in place by a few super-heavy cranes, capable of 350
tons lifting, made by Benito. It took place on the active nuclear power plant near Tver city, Russia.
32 New Street Advertising

New Street Advertising

City streets got decorated by
a new social advertisement.
43 Tsar Bomb

Tsar Bomb

Tsar-Bomb, A602EN, "Ivan", "Kuzka's mother" - a thermonuclear device that was being developed in the USSR in 1954-1961 by Russian physisists. It's started to be called "Kuzka's mother" after the famous  statement of N. Khruschev "we'll show America
Kuzka's mother!" (that actually means "we'll make it hot for America" or "we'll teach America a lesson") following the events in Cuba and prior to Cuban missile crisis that soon was followed by an explosion of a test thermonuclear bomb.
14 The Power Spot

The Power Spot

A mysterious guy has been spotted drinking beer throughout the season standing on the one and the same place, in same posture but, of course, in different cloths, according to the season. Some
say that he has found his personal power spot and now uses it to suck into the Earth energy grid and while he doing that he drinks beer in order not to waste his precious time.
24 Crazy Apartment Hall

Crazy Apartment Hall

Usual Russian or Ukrainian multi apartment middle class, not new, buildings look like this. You probably can notice those windows are different for everyone. Some have totally new PVC windows, other have self made wooden frames. That's because there are no laws forbidding to change the window frames and paint them for an individual apartment in order to maintain the overall look of the house, so people do this according to their available budget and will. And not only poor people live in such buildings, no. It's really normal place for middle class people to live. So they can spend tens thousands dollars for renovation works, but... inside the apartment so it might look glossy inside but be in such a place from outside. It's totally normal that someone having a Range Rover car can live in such a place. Just because the average price of such an apartment in Moscow would be around $300,000. And it would be considered good buy if it is in good location - not far from the central part of the city etc. They were left as a heritage from the Soviet times when authorities didn't care much on the ethical side of the housing but wanted to give space for as much families as possible, and they gave them away for free, though in order to get one sometime people were staying in waiting lists for years. From inside this buildings look usually like this. There were no special organizations
tracking the condition of the halls, stairways or lobbies so only if the residents of the building were enough organized to plan a renovation then it might look bit different. The lobbies are often occupied by local teens from the neighbourhood as the weather is cold and they can't wander thru the streets and to get inside some cafe you need to order stuff or to be at least some age old etc. Lately people were paying more attention to the condition of such places, equipping the entrances with special steel doors with hardened access and video cams to track unwanted visitors but still there are a lot of places like this, especially in smaller cities. And, again, it is often a place where higher class people live, driving good cars and earning some a few thousands dollars a month. Of course, eventually some of those move to some new construction but it's not that easy too even for them with current property prices in Russia. But what we can see today, is something a very different from which was discussed and showen above. This is just another lobby on the thirteenth floor of such a building, in Ukraine, but there was living a person, a lady, that was bit too much devoted to letting the things leave as they were. What to she has turned their hall you can see inside...
Russian cows watch tv 1

33 Russian TV-Watching Cows

Russian TV-Watching Cows

One Russian farmer decided to equip his cow barn with... LED TVs. He has got from somewhere the information that cows get more happy and productive if they watch the movies with the juicy green fields. So he got a non-stop loop of world's recognized green Swiss Alpine fields and got the most slim lcd
tvs on market in Russia and then called the team of workers to install that all. Now they go into statistics to measure the outcomes. They compare the results from two groups of cows, one is watching tv another is deprived of this humanity most spread entertainment thing.

13 Moscow’s Heaviest Snowfall

Moscow’s Heaviest Snowfall

Since winter is almost over and sunny and warm days are already near at hand, we’ve got an awesome collection of shots for you. This winter there was too much snow in Russia, and in particular, in Moscow. Sometimes you even couldn’t tread a way out of your house cuz there was too much snow lying on the ground. As all snow that’s left melts little by little, there are photos of the
heaviest Moscow’s winter 09-10 snowfall. That days Moscow had literally sink in it. More than 15 centimeters (6 inches) of snow fell just for 12 hours and the city’s public utilities shoveled away more than 500,000 cubic meters of snow from the streets of the country’s capital. Enjoy the shots of the heaviest and maybe the last snowfall this winter ever!

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