20 Another One Hits the Crust

Another One Hits the Crust

Posted on March 30, 2010 by

fell over crane 1

Falling construction cranes are not rare in Russia, we had them a few times. This one is bit more special because of two things. First, there was a video of some traffic cams that caught it falling down, you can find it below:

And the second reason as you can see it has felt not somewhere where no much people around but right on the busy city avenue.

Despite it looks so bad they say there are not much casualties except the crane operator.

fell over crane 2

fell over crane 3

fell over crane 4

fell over crane 5

fell over crane 6

fell over crane 7

fell over crane 8

fell over crane 9

fell over crane 10


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20 Responses to “Another One Hits the Crust”

  1. Great Brit says:


  2. V_Power says:


  3. needhead says:

    Bad things happen…

  4. Zazulon says:

    Very lucky there is only ONE casualty!

  5. too much vodka says:

    Where was it, in which city?

  6. Scott says:

    How odd is it that the police are carrying an AK when responding to an incident such as this!

    • n_petrovna says:

      it seems pretty standard, I saw police officers with Ak’s when I was in a train station in St. Petersburg, and nothing was going on.

  7. Ivana Benderova says:

    I’m quite sure that Pootie-poot will blame this on Chechen insurgents. LOL!

  8. Swede says:

    Good thing they brought AKMS’. You never know when you need an assault rifle among russians.

  9. RUSSIA HERE says:

    so bad ………………………………………………………

  10. lazy bone says:

    it was in Krasnoyarsk(siberia). noone died. it’s not so amazing. it was not the first time -))

  11. Musa says:

    NYC had crane failures. It seemed like one after another. But I am not certain if more than two. Dangerous Stuff!

  12. Gaby says:

    I AM A ROCKER!!!


  13. sergey12 says:

    The accident occurred in Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk .


  14. nysro says:

    Dirty and Nasty looking place.

  15. Miss Indian says:

    oh, snap

  16. prolever says:

    at the picture no 17
    the mpv involve in this incident..
    it that is a kia carens and a honda stream…????
    the kia rear light is very similar to my malaysian naza citra.
    i though it a naza citra in my first impresion..

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