30 How Russian Bread is Being Baked

How Russian Bread is Being Baked

Posted on March 18, 2010 by

Bread Factory 1It became rather difficult to find good, tasty and really quality bread in big cities. Let’s satisfy our curiosity and visit a bread-baking plant in Pavlovsky Posad, which is a small town 70 km far from Moscow, to find out how real Russian bread is baked.

Bread Factory 2Bread Factory 3Bread Factory 4Bread Factory 5

Bread Factory 6Bread Factory 7Bread Factory 8Bread Factory 9Bread Factory 10


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30 Responses to “How Russian Bread is Being Baked”

  1. YaCQ says:

    You can say what You want, but there is no better bread than the polish (russian is the same IMHO) one :)

  2. Great Brit says:

    Got to be better than British bread, which is terrible

  3. DavidDerKlabauter says:

    Looks pretty dirty for a food manufacturing plant.
    Some dirt doesn’t hurt though. The real problem are mold and bacteria. I hope they take good care of those.

  4. needhead says:

    I have to agree, that British bread is terrible. BTW, Lithuanians also have great and tasty bread. :]

  5. too much vodka says:

    Nothing better than the products of Belgian bakeries.

  6. Macsen says:

    Here in rural Canada, almost all of the bread it trucked in from the cities. Only really good bread is home-made. In Canadian cities, the best bread is made in ethnic bakeries (Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, German, etc.).

  7. Unknown says:

    Looks delicious!

  8. Cracker says:

    Looks good – Does anyone know where you could get some in the States? There are some really good Polish Bakeries here in the Northeast, but I don’t know of any Russian ones.

    I like how the truck says just “Bread”

    • perristalsis says:

      Chicago has just about every ethnic bakery you can think of, but yea, those Slavs, Poles, Croatians, etc. really know how to bake.


  9. Charles Wang says:

    Cool. I would like try it if I can find it here.

  10. BigMike says:

    Bread making is an art that is being lost with younger generations. They don’t know what they are missing. What do Russians put on their bread, I mean what is the cultural norm?

  11. are you kidding says:

    So nasty

  12. Qatayam says:

    East Europe food is most healty and tasty (bread included) special from Slavic countries.

    I did not eat German bread but i have eat other German food and i must say that German food is extremely bad. Few German Candy brands (like Haribo) are great.

  13. Julian says:

    Although the bread looks fabulous, the bakery is very, very dirty. In Germany (where I live), it would be foreclosed by the authorities because of health hazards.

    Also, I guess what the others meant by good German bread is the famous sourdough-bread, not the whitebread varieties.

  14. Northwest says:

    I spot a few things wrong [dirtyness is already covered]. Yeah chleb is poorly made now, the real old fashion, right way of making bread is called: artisan bread- and it’s 2 times more expensive.

    1. Poor yeast quality, raised too fast with sugar
    2. White flour: should have used wheat+white, or wheat by itself
    3. I assume a less than 4 hour proofing/rising time
    4. Lack of texture or flavor

    ~All from speculation of course, and it might be during that day they made white bread rather wheat, rye, and multi grain.

  15. Erika says:

    Where is Taupey?I like that girl :)

  16. Rotund says:

    I think those women are eating most of the cakes they are making!

  17. vopo tze says:

    I love the way they fix tiles to walls in Ruzzia. There is somethin salvadordaliscian about it….

  18. are you kidding says:

    Look at the filth in this place .

    there not even wearing plastic gloves are hairnets .

    YUCK !!!!!!

  19. VITTUIX-MAN says:

    For once I’m proud to be a Finn. Even if I say it my self, bread baking is what we know; in southern places there’s much less variety available. (This is because of influence of both Russian and Swedish cultures.)

    Haven’t been to Russia though so no comment on their bread.

  20. Malaresian Luciferia says:

    America pwns all OF YOU ON FOOD!



    Even though it isn’t the greatest I always loved their famous rye bread..

    Our food is why we’re all fat, and that’s because our food is the best.

  21. Bezboznik says:

    I bake my own bread. No nasty sugars, no preservatives or any other chemicals … only flour, yeast, salt & water. Also some spices if I want, recently it’s been dill & garlic. I have never even seen that flavor in store bread.

    You should all learn to bake your own bread. It’s easy to learn, and then you’re no longer dependent on someone else. Skill & creativity build autonomy.

  22. Wow, what an amazing bread factory, I love fresh baked bread.

  23. oh the poor loafs of bread :(

    i bet they mistread them while they are alive and recklessly feed them until they’re fat enough to be slaughtered :(

  24. From Russia with love says:

    Do you want to know the secret of delicious bread in Russia and other Eastern European countries? Yeast. Yea, just yeast. Dough is brewed with yeast few hours and only then goes into the oven. Choice of cereals are not important – we use wheat, rye, oats… and bread from each of them delicious. But in Western countries bakeries prefer speed, so they replacing this important component by the combination of baking soda and vinegar.
    Although generally in Russia and other slavic countries there is a lot of traditional “live” food with excess of food bacterias. Such as smetana, ryazhenka, yoghurt, kvasha, lots of soured vegetables. And this is not some delicacies, like moldy French cheese or rotten Sicilian cheese, this is our daily food (except kvasha, difficult in cooking diet meals).

    Many here sworn that the production of dirty. This is not dirt, cleaning are carried out continuously. The building itself is very old. Wear, attrition, cracks on walls, broken plates, sometimes rust and no paint. Style of premises on photos is at least 40 years old, probably about as much time as its not being overhauled. As you can see in first photos, factory is located quite far away from residential homes. In Russia, this is sufficient reason not to keep the factory building in shining and attractive view. Especially from the inside.

    > America pwns all OF YOU ON FOOD!
    > Our food is why we’re all fat, and that’s because our food is the best.

    I have to disappoint you. American food makes you fat not for its quality (whatever it is), but bacause of use human’s body reaction on some food for the benefit of food corporations. For example, the body does not like oversweeted drinks and requires that you bust it with simple water. But you keep trying again and again to quench your thirst with sweet soda, which once again does not give the body a drink. The rest of fast food leads to more complex reactions, but I’ll explain it easier in you way (when you equated fat and usefulness of food). The most useful food is that farmers are eating – fresh vegetables straight from the garden, fresh milk right from the cow, fresh meat of freshly killed rabbit, that not subjected to multiple freezing… But how often do you see fat farmers?

  25. eduardo says:

    Almost all russian mature women I’ve seen in this website are kind of chubby….Is that for the bread??

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