34 56 Examples of Crazy Russian Car Mods

56 Examples of Crazy Russian Car Mods

Posted on March 15, 2010 by

Crazy Russian cars 1

In Soviet Russia, car builds you?

Crazy Russian cars 2

Crazy Russian cars 3

Crazy Russian cars 4

Crazy Russian cars 5

Crazy Russian cars 6

Crazy Russian cars 7

Crazy Russian cars 8

Crazy Russian cars 9

Crazy Russian cars 10


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34 Responses to “56 Examples of Crazy Russian Car Mods”

  1. are you kidding says:

    First !

  2. V_Power says:


  3. too much vodka says:

    Fifth and Filthy!

  4. Original Kirov says:


  5. Tovarish Я says:

    Poor the rest of the world, they so got used to standard-factory-made cars, that they fall behind of creativity of Russian drivers.

    …and seventh :)

  6. Northwest says:

    lol these people had lack of inspiration and what happened to sketching things out first? Seems they had a spur of the moment with spray foam and paint.

    Red Leader standing by

  7. Boritz says:

    The question is begging for an answer. WHY???

    • too much vodka says:

      Or maybe the answer is begging for a question?

    • happy hapster says:

      you ask, “why?”

      because … you have a tiny, uninspiring, unexciting car. Then if you augment it with all kinds of features, you’ll trick yourself into believing it’s actually exciting, flashy and interesting.

  8. New Fake Kirov says:

    These are the greatest cars in the world.

  9. Yes says:

    Lada tuning, anyone?

  10. Ivana Benderova says:

    I like the Boris putting two screwdrivers in the window to keep it from falling into the cars interior. I also like the 2 x 4 strapped to the car top with the word “Thule” written in Sharpie. But the best is Taupey’s pink “Hello Kitty” car with pink shift knob cover and pink “e brake” cover. Hey Taupey, do you sit on these??? LOL LMAO!

  11. SSSR says:

    I like it when people post things here from Russian sites.That is less translating for me.Don’t post the submarine pictures because that is already in this site somewhere.Many posts on this site are a lot of fun.

  12. Dizzysit says:

    In Soviet Russia, cars mods you. OK, sorry, I’m lame. But anyway, I would have more problem if that Hummer belongs to a dude.

  13. Autogreen says:

    I saw a lot of old cars that look very good in their original shape, even now. Tuning is not an option when you do not have enough money.

  14. ChoseBinne says:

    The lame guy from Damn Cools Pics completely ripoff your post.

    Go see there: http://damncoolpics.blogspot.com/2010/03/crazy-russian-cars.html

  15. Davoff says:

    In Soviet Russia the autocar is like a spaceship. For many years we were not allowed to have a God. Now we have one again. His name is Putin. He drives the pink Hummer.

  16. Eugene says:

    I don’t think that anywhere in the world are places where people do the same things with car as Russians do with Ladas. I used to have one ))))

  17. andrej genrich says:

    those Ladas are badass! :D
    and the white one (djiguli?) with the 3 wooden spoilers..lol

  18. Some nice modificiations, and not so great tuning. Both are in numbers! Although, some of them aren’t Russian, like the white estate with the sledge ski up front is a Tajik Lada

    Anyway Eugene, how about Africa or any third world nation?

  19. PuppyJuice says:

    Some of them are actually pretty cool.

  20. Marcio says:

    Loves Russia
    Loves signal russian soviet
    Loves cars Samara

  21. Madrat says:

    Very cool. We just had our annual Art Car Parade in Houston. I gotta say many of these should have been included.

  22. spark plug says:

    what a crazy set of car mods! I think for me thiss will stand out in all kinds of car shows around the country. :)

  23. Aaed Kayal says:

    Thanks , Great Work , Worth Reading , Keep the Good Work

  24. nice modification, top guy when ride this car

  25. Lithuanian says:

    This Is LADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ben says:

    I think you can get away with more over there than you can in America.

  27. Agent says:

    We are Moscow for trading ,
    Could you please make with us contract with us to be agent for Russian cars .
    Please give us the your accept .
    Best regards

  28. Arsenic says:

    Russian cars rock.I still drive my 1979 Lada Niva to work every day, and even take it camping, luring a caravan on the back.
    The engine never failed to start, even in harsh winter conditions and during 4 WD weekends i towed many landrovers, landcruisers,range rovers,Freelanders,Jeeps and Pajero’s when they got stranded in deep mud puddles,and on rocky roads.
    I maintain the car myself, and it still passes annual safety check every time.Refurbished the interior in 2002 and got a new paint job in 2004 but the engine is still original, tho some parts have been replaced like startermotor, generator, and cooling fan plus radiator after i have been in an accident with a tractor.

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