12 The Final Anchoring

The Final Anchoring

Posted on March 12, 2010 by team


In the town of Porchnikha apart from an abandoned military base there are also some remains of an old boat that was probably tied up in the remote past and there is no chance for it to be set free anymore. Looking at that feeble, but still living gleam of the past you start unconsciously feeling melancholic about it. That is a thrilling sight for sure.




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12 responses to “The Final Anchoring”

  1. Tenzing says:

    Rust never sleeps!

  2. Musa says:

    It’s dead already, sink the damn thing! 🙁

  3. Mariska says:

    Can someone plese answer my question? Can rusted metal be recycled? I would really like to know it, I have searched on the net but couldnt find any info on this.

    So can this kind of metal be recycled or used for anything or is it too “ruined”?


    • DirtyD says:

      Yes it can be recycled without any major problems. When they melt it down in the forge they burn off the impurities with pure oxygen and trap the contaminants in fluxes which is separated before casting the “good” metal. Now that being said it is still much nicer to work with clean metal.

  4. La pittura di Gaetano Porcasi non è solamente “cronaca dipinta”, come troppo frettolosamente è stata definita, ma è cronaca che si fa storia, è “reinterpetrazione” del fatto in una dimensione in cui l’immagine assume i colori del mito, ma nello stesso tempo riproduce la crudeltà dell’evento nel contesto che l’ha determinato. Il percorso, iniziato molti anni fa, si sofferma sull’universo mafioso e sopratuttto sull’incalzante susseguirsi di momenti in cui la ferocia degli assassini si è scontrata con l’attività repressiva dello Stato o si è collusa con esso. Porcasi riesce ad andare ben oltre il fatto, riproducendo i volti, gli oggetti, la vegetazione, le tradizioni, il lavoro, i colori, i simboli della realtà siciliana. Un buon numero dei quadri di Porcasi è stato acquistato dal comune di Corleone e andrà ad arredare le pareti del costituendo museo della lotta contro la mafia, nella casa che fu di Bernardo Provenzano

    Ingresso libero

    The paintings of Gaetano Porcasi are not only “painted news”, as they have been hastily defined, but they are news that become history, they are a re-interpretation of the facts in a dimension in which the images are colored in myth, …but still reproduce the cruelty of the events in their own contexts. His path, which began many years ago, pauses upon the mafia universe and especially the moments in which the atrocity of the murderers clashed against the repressive actions of the State, or colluded with them. Porcasi is able to go far beyond the factual, reproducing faces, objects, the flora, the traditions, the work, the colors and the symbols of Sicilian reality. A great deal of Porcasi’s paintings were purchased by the city of Corleone and will decorate the walls of the forthcoming museum of the fight against mafia, in the former house of Bernardo Provenzano.

    Free entry

  5. JerryBarada says:

    Most salvage yards want “clean” material, which can be slightly rusty… the dirtier the metal you’re trying to recycle, the less you’ll get paid for it. Eventually, there comes a point where it’s not worth the effort to try and recycle badly rusted materials, especially with prices down around $100.00 USD per TON.

  6. JerryBarada says:

    That being said, I love old ship-wrecks, but this is just a rusted pile of junk.

  7. New Fake Kirov says:

    This ship just needs a little paint, then it’s ready to sail again.

  8. Happy says:

    lol- maybe a new engine and its ready to go

  9. Miha says:

    Wow, amazing pictures. This is the place to be with DSLR.

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