33 World’s Largest Sedan from Russia

World’s Largest Sedan from Russia

Posted on March 10, 2010 by

World's largest sedan from Russia

Looks like the world biggest sedan car was build long ago in Soviet Russia. It originated from Russian truck manufacturer and had a 38.8 litres engine (38800 cc). It weights 28 tons and can tow up to 85 tons load. You might ask how much is fuel consumption? We’ve got the answer, it had probably world worst record of 0.5 mpg (or 120 litres for 100 km).

What else was cool with this car is that it had two steering wheels from each side (don’t know why) and there were produced only three of them, and none of them is intact nowadays.

Also there is not much photos of it, but still we have a couple.

World's largest sedan from Russia 2

As you can see it was often used to tow planes.
World's largest sedan from Russia 3

World's largest sedan from Russia 4

And on this shot from one of Soviet movies it tows another Soviet relics – the TU-144 plane, first (and only) Soviet passenger ultrasonic jet. Some say it was out before the Concord and also as Concord it wasn’t used for very long.

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33 Responses to “World’s Largest Sedan from Russia”

  1. Musa says:

    How tragic! :(

  2. BigMike says:

    Russian need big car to compensate for small brain.

  3. Grinya says:

    Nice try to be better! ))

  4. cracker says:

    Too bad none exist. That thing is bad-ass!!! Imagine cruising around town in that thing. Also if you got pulled over for drunk-driving, they couldn’t issue a ticket because they couldn’t prove who was at the wheel. – I want one!

  5. Indy75 says:

    Tu-144 was out before Concord because of the efficiency of Soviet spies. Not because of the efficiency of Soviet scientists. If those would have been efficient, they would have seen that Concord’s stolen plans were flawed :)

  6. LameFox says:

    Looks like some company guy got bored and thought “I wonder what weird and totally pointless thing nobody has done before”.

  7. Vishi says:

    Tu144 was first flown 31 Dec 1968…about 3 months before Concord. And it is not an “Ultrasonic”…it is Supersonic.

  8. Macsen says:

    My Uncle worked on the engineering and testing of the Concord (English part), but I’m more interested in the “car”. The TV Show “Monster Garage” built a bike , using a motor, Cummings I think, from a Peterbuilt truck. I drive a Peterbuilt Winch truck (you can see it’s replacement motor fired up on our shop floor @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKP3nV2GH_U .), which has a 444HP Cummings motor. Our HD mechanic test fired it up on our shop floor to test it before installing (it had some sticky valves, which he fixed), and inspite of it’s 2000f/lbs of torque, it stayed on it’s blocks (no load). That’s a common engine for a Peterbuilt. Now, imagine a 600 HP CT15 Cat, with about 1000 ft/lbs more torque, on a 3 wheeled frame, with a 5th wheel hitch, or the like, as a “work truck”. That would be cool. I wish I had the bucks for the motor, the rest I can scavenge.

  9. Eugene says:

    Amazing car!
    Here we see two super consumers of fuel: tu-114 and this track-sedan.

  10. I can only imagine the amount of newtons in that automobile!

    Someone needs to build a replica of such automotive innovation!

  11. AB says:

    This is not a ‘sedan’ but an aircraft tow truck.

  12. Yes, it’s true one thing Russians and Americans enjoy are big things. Here we have two examples of big things the USSR made about three of each of, the Tu=144 and this car?
    More like a truck with car body.

  13. james says:

    This isn’t a sedan. It is a fancy pushback tug, used to push back aircraft from the jetway.
    If that is a sedan, then so is this

  14. PKS says:

    That is a specialized AIRCRAFT MOVER, which is pretty obvious. An old one.

    A lot of modern ones here.

  15. Vasiliy Meshko says:

    This is MAZ-541 aircraft pushback/tow truck and NOT a ‘sedan’ it was not ‘often’ used to tow planes. It fact it was its one and only function.


    • Muzzlehatch says:

      Early Soviet passenger jets were real fuel hogs so they had to be towed to the start of the runway to save fuel. I flew from Moscow to Leningrad in 1969 but the plane was pulled by a tractor.

  16. Harris says:

    And I thought that my Dad’s 1991 Ford Tarus GL was LARGE but this can probably act as its carrier!! Plus iF i can find one, I would make it into an armoured car carrier so it can carry my jag inside safely!!

  17. That is one of the dumbest things to come out of Russia.

  18. pinguinu nuclear says:

    “Some say it was out before the Concord and also as Concord it wasn’t used for very long.”
    First flown in 1969, Concorde entered service in 1976 and continued for 27 years.
    The Tu-144 was introduced into passenger service on 1 November 1977, almost two years after the Concorde, but was soon withdrawn after just 55 scheduled passenger flights due to potentially severe problems with aircraft safety and was not re-introduced to service.

  19. Russia makes car? Not bad. Many country does not make car.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  20. Lance says:

    “…the TU-144 plane, first (and only) Soviet passenger ultrasonic jet. Some say it was out before the Concord and also as Concord it wasn’t used for very long.”

    The British/French Concorde prototype flew a few years before the “Concordski” TU144 prototype did. Unfortunately the Russian version of the plane was rushed into service, never overcame its flaws and was retired early. Naturally there were accusations of industrial espionage from both sides :)

    Despite costing more than it ever made back, the Concorde was a technological success, and in regular commercial service for 27 years.

  21. David Levy says:

    Canyonero canyonero

  22. SKYBRITE says:

    It is not a sedan or a car,it’s an old style truck!

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