57 Transparent Georgian police

Transparent Georgian police

Posted on March 9, 2010 by

transparent police 2

The pride of the Georgian police is transparent police departments’ buildings. Their transparency symbolizes the transparency and honesty of the police officers’ work. There were some rumors that some of these buildings have been rebuilt from former underworld leaders’ cottages.

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57 Responses to “Transparent Georgian police”

  1. Indy75 says:

    Russian police should get inspired by this :)

  2. Great article! Makes me think of my suitability as a police officer

  3. BigMike says:

    The Russian Police cant have buildings this nice. Because they keep all the fine’s for themselves.Theives!!!!!

  4. Police work should be dark and secretive, how else can we supplement income? These glass buildings leave them wide open to attack.

  5. V_Power says:

    USA projects! Great… Georgia is incredible!!!

  6. eger_666 says:

    Where are oranges and vines?

  7. bop3b1u says:

    haha, georgians translate everything into english now…
    lol =)

    • Zoram says:

      This is not the EU flag, its a Council of Europe (CoE) flag and Georgia is the member of CoE.

      To the other haters of Georgia: Cry more please :D .

  8. acidwash says:

    Gotta love the european union flag which georgia is not part of

  9. perristalsis says:

    Makes me think about my favorite police drama on t.v. : “Gunsmoke”

  10. Fluffy says:

    Watch this, Americans! You pay it with your own money!

    • SSSR says:

      My hard earned tax dollars rebuilding another foreign country!

      • Erika says:

        Well that is nothing new now is it SSSR!

        • SSSR says:

          I don’t mind the USA helping other countries but there are cities in my country that needs new bridges so vehicles can safely cross rivers.

          • Erik says:

            Yeah, but your country isn’t as important to the oil prices as Georgia. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oilpipe transports oil from Baku to Turkey, it is a vital supply to the US since it reduces its dependence on oil from the Middle East.
            All investments they do in Georgia are no more then investments on oil: it is way cheaper stabilize Georgia by building police stations rather than having a war for several years (example: iraq)

            • Erika says:

              Anyway SSSR our state tax pays for the roads and bridges.Our federal tax pays for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,and the wars the USA fights for other countries!

  11. Kirov Number 4 says:

    Very clean modern looking buildings. Interesting to see police in english on the buildings.

  12. Northwest says:

    Wow I might mistakenly stumble into there hoping to buy an appliance rather report a crime.

    IKEA desgin meets police station

  13. lolwat says:

    Georgian police – transparent and honest? lulz.

  14. New Fake Kirov says:

    Nice cop shops.

  15. are you kidding says:

    Wheres the donuts at!

  16. DouglasUrantia says:

    Like it or not, English is the world language. It is difficult for young people to get ahead in the world of today if they do not know English.

  17. Gerry says:

    Are these police stations or malls??

    Seems they haven’t thought about basic security with all these transparent windows. Somebody with a rifle can take some really easy shots to show his disagreement about a speed ticket. Unless they have bulletproof glasses and I’m 99% certain they don’t.

  18. den says:

    Cool. Georgians are clowns:))) In addition they have to build some transparent public toilets!

    • Komrade, have you ever been in public toliet in Georgia, lol, you really don’t want to see in there. Although Georgian leadership may see need to spend American $ on glass houses for everyone, thereby developing a truely open society, where all is open to public scrutiny. What a trip! Get me my BB gun.

  19. chris says:

    The Georgian Police also double up as the army when the President has his bright ideas

  20. During Soviet times,(aka the good old days), Tbilisi most desired place to live and work in all of Soviet Union. Now, only work for KGB man is watching Sakashivili eat his own tie. Police authority in Georgia fell apart when central authority from Moscow disappeared. Corruption in Georgian police today, would never be tolerated in USSR days, we haven’t got our cut in years.

    • mike says:

      What are you talking about? Georgia was the most corrupt state in the USSR and pretty much the entire world under Communism. The Georgians were the very best at being corrupt, and the country is now the better off for it. People actually had some wealth instead of being dragged around by hairbrained Russian projects all the time. The Georgian black market illegal economy was as big as the legitimate state economy.

      Of course corruption now is nothing at all like it was. It’s not acceptable anymore. Georgian police are mediocre and being reformed, like any other post-Soviet state. It’s the Russian forces that are still infamous. I hear they used motorists as human shields against armed robbers just a few days ago.

  21. Another one of Shakashvili’s bright idea’s, like when he gave birthday cake to jail prisoners, lol, you can’t make this stuff up. The Prez also made the presidential house guard wear all white uniforms, like ice cream men. I love Georgia, it is what it is. A really beautiful country that is victim of 75 years of Bolshevik rule. The russians laugh at little Georgia, and so do I, however, Georgia today is the result of the failure of the Soviet empire.
    It’s a lush beautiful country with a totally screwed up government.

    • Chris says:

      Being the birthplace of Stalin, Georgia should suffer a bit.

    • mike says:

      Until a few years ago, you could not really call the government screwed up. It was certainly in better shape than the Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijani governments in the region. Only in the meantime did Saakashvili show himself to be a bloodthirsty megalomaniac.

      • Zoram says:

        Yeah, you see now what is the smart management now: Georgians have sent their junk, which was created by soviet russia back to russia and thus restored the justice.

        Again: Cry more please :D

  22. den says:

    Georgia is an artificial country, completely not capable to survive without support from outside. Actually Saakoshvili is not a president he is “Manager of Georgia” appointed by US. However it is true that Georgia used to be the wealthiest part of USSR, also spreading criminals and corruption all around the rest of USSR

  23. Taupey, you think I’m Russian?

  24. TaupeyAna says:

    No, I believe you are Finnish. Are you Russian too? You never know Finland is close to Russian.

  25. I’m Finnish, nothing else. Don’t know possible roots to abroad but I know that my father’s side is from Karelia(just beyond the current border though so no Veps/Ingrian).

    But are you Russian, Musa/Taupey?

  26. shmalex says:

    i wonder if those buildings (and peple in there) can survive an assault in case of some mass riot…
    comparing to normal buildings with concreet walls there is no place to hide…

  27. Irakli says:

    Now let me tell you the truth.
    1st. Stalin is much more loved in Russian than in Georgia.
    2nd. Georgians are ashamed of Stalin
    3rd. Georgia used to be the best place to live in USSR, Russians used to go to Tbilisi to buy goods.
    4th. During USSR, Georgia was least controlled place in USSR. You could get stuff which no one would ever think of in Russia.
    5th. True, Georgia used to be very corrupt.
    6th. Now, Policemen and normal people are absolutely not corrupt, because government is keeping track of it, even though they are corrupt themselves.
    7th. Georgia does receive money from USA, but it’s not USA Dollars that buy everything ; )

  28. Elene says:

    Why do you think that for all of these pays USA? : ))

  29. Josie says:

    Oh, I like what they did. Please post more articles from Georgia like you do from the other republics that are NOT connected with Russia ;)

  30. a says:

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