23 Airport as an Airplane Sees It; Part One

Airport as an Airplane Sees It; Part One

Posted on March 6, 2010 by team


Dozens of airplanes arrive at the international airport of Domodedovo daily and there are lots of staff engaged in taking them in, cleaning them, fueling them up, sometimes fixing them and eventually seering them off. Today we will tell you about how all these things are carried out under such overcommitted conditions of the airport with daily capacity of more than 1000 airplanes.

Airplanes are landing and fly away 24 hours a day, and that is an eye-catching sight for sure.




Signalling lights and some navigation equipment are set up before a take-off runway; all the planes go by them while approaching to land.


Along the take-off runway planes are following dispatchers’ instructions but on the rest airport area they are guided by special Follow Me cars.


These littluns bunch together while waiting for another plane.



A plane is either being run towards the jetway; in this case passengers come straight into the building of the airport.


Or parking it and sending for buses to take the travelers to the building of the airport.



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23 Responses to “Airport as an Airplane Sees It; Part One”

  1. Adolf says:

    schöne bilderrrrrrr!!!!

  2. sergei says:

    Great series! Cant wait to see part 2.

  3. NoName says:

    I’m really liking this airport series, too….

  4. Steamed McQueen says:

    Nice. But I couldn’t help but notice that the ‘Follow Me’ cars are Skodas(basically Czech-made Volkswagons) and not Volgas or Ladas.

    One of the things I always found curious about Russians was how fervently they defend their country, often with expressions of how good everything Russian is and how bad anything ‘not Russian’ is.

    Yet it seems that anyone who can afford it doesn’t want to buy or own a Russian anything.

    Say what you will about any U.S. President, whenever he has to go somewhere that involves a motorcade, he and his entourage travel in American cars.

    Whenever I see any Russian politician on the road, they are always in a Mercedes, or BMW. What exactly is the message being sent here?

    Meanwhile, Putin just promised a few more billion rubles to prop up AvtoVAZ… again.

  5. aammuk says:

    Can anyone tell me which airline are these green planes?

    Thanks ER.

  6. Ivana P. Benderova says:

    S7 Airlines. Because it makes a lot of sense to name your airline after a bingo game call! LOL!!!

  7. davfe says:

    those are some ugly seats

    • Musa says:

      For sure that’s a strange color to use for airline seats. I love the color purple. But that is unsettling. :cool:

    • Ivana Benderova says:

      Yes the purple seats are very ugly. But they were very cheap to buy for S7, because the musician “Prince” originally ordered the purple seats for his own private jet. But then he canceled his order. So S7 scooped them up at a “hanger sale” in Minneapolis.

  8. jim-bob says:

    They have Skodas? That’s Superb!

  9. Shadrach says:

    Those are a couple of cute stewardesses!

  10. Kirov says:


  11. Great post, many amusing points. I believe 6 of days ago, I have viewed a similar blog.

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