25 SAMSUNG factory in Kaluga. TV sets manufacture

SAMSUNG factory in Kaluga. TV sets manufacture

Posted on March 4, 2010 by team

SAMSUNG factory in Kaluga TV sets manufacture 10

SAMSUNG LCD and plasma-panel televisions factory opened in Kaluga in September, 2008. The Russian SAMSUNG factory produces nearly all the range of TV sets and monitors models.

In Russia SAMSUNG company is primarily known as electronics and household appliances manufacturer. Despite the fact that more than 70% of the concern sales is related to electronic industry, SAMSUNG has become prominent nearly in all spheres of business. SAMSUNG cars congest roads in Korea, there are SAMSUNG bank and insurance companies, amusement park SAMSUNG, hotels, advertising and construction SAMSUNG companies…

But let us go back to the TV sets. The TV sets made anywhere but in Russia are junk. All TV sets SAMSUNG are now produced in Russia.

Let’s begin with TV cabinets.

These are the sacks with components for panels manufacture that came from Korea.

SAMSUNG factory in Kaluga TV sets manufacture 11

Here all this stuff is mixed up, melted and further hot plastic is transferred to the workshop through the piping for the TV sets details molding.

SAMSUNG factory in Kaluga TV sets manufacture 12

Moulds for TV cabinets making.


25 Responses to “SAMSUNG factory in Kaluga. TV sets manufacture”

  1. Chris says:

    Coolness, but this is Korean ingenuity, with cheap Russian labour, and American machines. Where’s the Russian engineering here???

    • JCR says:

      There’s no such thing as american machines, except for killing people.
      Industrial manufacturing either comes from Europe (Germany, Switzerland) or from Asia.
      The US ceased to be competitive in machine engineering decades ago.

  2. Adolf says:

    OMG ich hab gerade gesehen wie kleine ami kinder in einer mülltone leben und sich von fekalien ernähren

  3. Musa says:

    Okay well, the Sun is rising on the East Coast and it’s gorgeous. Sorry couldn’t think of anything else to say. ehmm, thanks for post.

  4. Looks cool! I’d like to work there, I wonder what the wages are.

  5. are you kidding says:

    Big machines are so yesteryear as us Americans are now into nano technology and supercomputing .

  6. eger_666 says:

    I guess you talk ’bout your country.

  7. Ivana P. Benderova says:

    “But let us go back to the TV sets. The TV sets made anywhere but in Russia are junk…”

    Oh really? Just post photos and puhleeease do not editorialize. Epic FAIL!

  8. Gino Panino says:

    Very cool pictures! I didn’t even know Samsung produced outside of China.

  9. cm says:

    so where’s the sickle?

  10. Jubail says:

    wow…thanks for such a nice information!

  11. CTSR says:

    very,very nice find!

  12. Carlos C says:

    It looks like any other Samsung Factory, I work in Samsung Tijuana Mexico and it looks the same, if you wonder why they are here, well is because the handwork is cheap, by the way is not cool to work with this people, they are almost eslavers

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