14 Flight to the Moon

Flight to the Moon

Posted on March 3, 2010 by team

Ïîë¸ò íà Ëóíó

In the remote past – and to be more precise, in 1955 – the people of the Soviet Union had many victories, discoveries and inventions pickaback. But still, there were also many things that they were deprived of; and the main thing that they lacked for above all was not money, welfare or something material. It was the thing that each of them was gazing at all night round and dreaming that someday this mysterious and unexplored world would enter their lives.

Ïîë¸ò íà Ëóíó

In the middle of 50’s authorities of the USSR decided to take their chances and try to dip into the future and make a slide film describing spaceflight of the first Soviet spacecraft that was supposed to be launched in 1975. Did they miss? Yeah, they did.

But, anyways, let’s dream a bit and imagine ourselves the world two decades later…

Enjoy the film!

One moody November morning we get a newspaper and see the article which says that on the 25-th of November, 10 am, first interplanetary vehicle will be launched for the Moon.

Ïîë¸ò íà Ëóíó

Here we can see a crew of the first spaceship Luna-1.

Ïîë¸ò íà Ëóíó

The interplanetary station is located at the foot of Kazbek mountain. The spacecraft will be launched from a summit of the mountain which will help to cut the necessary fuel supply.

Ïîë¸ò íà Ëóíó

Ïîë¸ò íà Ëóíó

Ïîë¸ò íà Ëóíó

And eventually the day has come, and it is November 25, morning. It is winter in the mountains and there are lots of scientists, workers, journalists and friends along with relatives of the crew gathered at the station to see their heroes off and wish them good luck.

Ïîë¸ò íà Ëóíó

Ïîë¸ò íà Ëóíó

Ïîë¸ò íà Ëóíó

At 10 o’clock prompt the spaceship is supposed to be launched off. Take-off runway engines drag a platform with the spacecraft on it for 25 seconds to reach the start point and after that the spaceship is already flying with the speed of 600 meters per second.


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14 Responses to “Flight to the Moon”

  1. Allen says:

    And first again!!!!!

  2. Victor Serge says:

    I’m already addicted to your blog, but this is one of your best ever. Beautiful stuff. Thank you.

  3. New Fake Kirov says:

    Great post.

  4. BigMike says:

    Neat Stuff!!!! Wish I could read it all.

  5. Loopkin says:

    Actually, this is almost entirely a ripoff of Hergé’s comics, “Tintin – explorers on the moon”, that was published just the year before (1954).

  6. CZenda says:

    Very similar illustrations are used in Czech edition of Pelevin´s “Omon Ra”.

  7. Kent_Diego says:

    USSR was first to moon and first to bring back samples from moon. Google Luna and Luna 16

  8. Will Ellwood says:

    I’d like to pole vault over Luna chasms.

  9. Turbinedog says:

    Spacecraft looks like Miyaschev 52 type supersonic bomber. Very cool.

  10. Leonid Brezhnev says:

    We’ve been first to bring the GULAG to the Moon!
    Hooray comrades!

  11. BrAvO says:

    Diafilms – it’s a russian version of comics. i am hope what a first interstellar ship would named after Gagarin

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