18 Salekhard from a Bird’s-Eye View

Salekhard from a Bird’s-Eye View

Salekhard is an administrative capital of the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district. It’s located at the left bank of the Ob river and occupies a territory of 1018 square kilometers or 636 square miles. We have
a splendid collection of aerial photos of the city. Just look at the peculiar type of construction of all buildings, they do not look like usual houses in Moscow or any other Russian city.
10 Macro snowflakes

Macro snowflakes

Winter is a season of clean and awesome beauty. But some absolutely wonderful winter
phenomena remain hidden from our eyes. Luckily macrophotography reveals some miracles.

48 Missile Forces Museum

Missile Forces Museum

There is a unique museum located on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and to be more precise, in Ukraine. In the museum there are displayed many exhibits of Strategic Missile Forces. There is no other museum of such kind in
the whole world; except one that is located in the USA, but tourists are not allowed there and all the guided tours are prohibited. On this photo you can see intercontinental ballistic missile CC-18 “Satan.”
Russian Vintage Polar Photos

29 Russian at Northern Pole, 1950s-1960s

Russian at Northern Pole, 1950s-1960s

Russian people have tens of years of Polar explorations history. Something like fifty-sixty years ago they didn't have the machines and planes like now but still some spent all year round on the Northern pole on the drifting ice platforms, because at the Northern Pole there is no land surface to build a
stationary places like they do at Southern. Many of those people already passed away. None of such situations are possible now - with lack of electricity, power supplies etc to stay at the Northernmost point of the Earth for 300+ days and don't loose spirit. These photos truly inspire.
Russian self-made Hummer 1

45 Russian Self Made Hummer

Russian Self Made Hummer

Recently we had a Russian guy from Kazakhstan who has built a Rolls Royce Phantom at home out of old Mercedes car. Seems that this trend is getting stronger. Now meet a Hummer car clone. It can't be called full replica as it is more likely a Russian approach for the Big Agressive Car that can be used to climb mountains, to sow and plough thru the fields, to clean snow and mud and even to... drive underwater. "I have
only one oxygen mask that can be used while you are driving by the bottom of the lake/river. Once we were crossing some lake and the car got stuck in the bottom mud. My passenger didn't have a mask so he had to swim out to the surface to get some air and get back down to me to help releasing it.", says the owner. And yes, it can drive through the fire too! And now the pictures:
Russian frozen power plant 1

22 The Frozen-Explosion Power Plant

The Frozen-Explosion Power Plant

We were tracking closely the story of the Russian power plant exploded and then was examined by experts, and tried to be repaired. Then some estimates appeared that it may take up to ten years to get it back in full scale, and some
doubted if it was worth at all. And while these talks are going on, here is how it looks now after major frosts going on this winter it looks really interesting, like some kind of movie sets for you name it movie.
Russian city on the sea
42 Oil Stones: A Soviet City in the Middle of the Sea

Oil Stones: A Soviet City in the Middle of the Sea

In 1940s and 1950s, right after the World War 2 Russia had to recover from the consequences of the Nazi invasion. Lots had to be done and as we know to complete something you need to have enough energy. And energy at that times as well as it is much likely now meant oil. At that times the known oil reserves differed from what people in Russia know about it now. The main places to drill for oil was Southern Russia on contrary to frozen Northern Siberian regions as it's for now. And the gemstone of the Soviet Oil production was Caspian sea region, mainly the territories that are an independent state of Aizerbajan now. So after a massive attack of oil thirsty state the lands of this previously oil-saturated region little by little got exhausted of the black mineral treasure and the need for new
sources of it arouse. Now it's not clear who was that this genius who first came up with an idea of getting the oil right from the sea bottom where it was still plenty of it and for this purpose to build a real city 42 km (25 miles) off the coast right in the middle of the sea, but what we know is that this idea came into play and by some crazy chance it got support from that times Soviet leaders who leveraged it with the all support the biggest (by the territory) state could offer at that time. What this meant is that in a matter of just a few month a real town was built right in the middle of the nowhere on giant steel blocks coming from the sea bottom, from as deep as hundreds of feet down. And they called it "Oil Stones".

17 Cats of Blockaded Leningrad

Cats of Blockaded Leningrad

66 years ago, on the 27-th of January, 1943, the blockade of Leningrad was completely called off. And several days ago in the Russian Internet there were lots of
articles about cats of blockaded Leningrad published. But what’s so special about them? That’s the very thing you’re going to find out now.

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