24 They make weather

They make weather

The only hard-to-reach weather station “Aigba” on the territory of Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana located 2225m above sea level. No internet connection, no landline. All data are noted in a table and dictated on the cellphone. They do
not drink, watch TV for many hours, cook food and feel detachment from the world. Their salary is ridiculous – 6000 rubles - about 200 US dollars, they are here to be free… On the photos the guys are at work.
19 Star Wars

Star Wars

In the 1960s-80s in the USSR there was fulfilled a great number of satellite killers tests. During this warfare there were launched land ballistic missiles, antimissiles, military satellites (including counterweapons) and it
made a great impression on the USA. This warfare of the Soviet nuclear force was called “7-hours Nuclear War”, it forced America to start creation of antisatellite and anti-missile systems of new generation.
28 Battlefield  –  Space

Battlefield – Space

Just one photo. A page from some Soviet Russian magazine of  the early seventies, from the last months of iron curtain. At that times Reagan was proposing the "SDI" program putting some armaments to space, which was widely used by Russian propaganda to scare people - giant laser beams in space - no way to shield from them etc. And for such an illustration the
"Battlestar Galactica" poster was used. Here is what the Russian text reads: Now space is a battlefield. That's what the American audience was prepared for by mass media long before Reagan came up with  his SDI plans. This is a still from the movie "Battlestar Galactica". As you can see there are a faces full of hatred and laser guns...
Going to arctic ocean 1

10 Back to the Arctics

Back to the Arctics

Winter is the time to go to the.. ocean. When the weather is steadily below zero and the sun never rises above the horizon it is the high time. High time to go and see the auroras in the land of no-way-getting-there-in-the-summer. There are no auto roads that way in summer. In winter
there is small chance to get there. Even if you have suv or big gas goggler jeep you still can be sure in reaching the shores of the Polar Ocean. Why people try to reach those salty frozen waters there? Maybe taking a look on the photos can give a clue.
Build metro 1

14 Building A Metro

Building A Metro

In St. Petersburg they have almost the deepest subway in the world, according to wikipedia: "The deepest metro system in the world was built in St. Petersburg, Russia. In this city, built in the marshland, stable soil starts more than 50 metres (160 ft) deep. Above that level the soil mostly consists of water-bearing finely dispersed sand. Because of this, only three stations out of nearly 60
are built near the ground level and three more above the ground. Some stations and tunnels lie as deep as 100–120 metres (330–390 ft) below the surface. However, the location of the world's deepest station is not as clear", however one of the St. Petersburgs stations is the world's deepest one. What a cool machinery they use when make dig for new stations:

9 Descend to Kamkinskaya Quarry

Descend to Kamkinskaya Quarry

"Kamkinskaya" quarry or "Kiseli" (Kissels) - a system of artificial caves, quarries in the Moscow region. Here limestone was quarried for the construction of "white stone" in Moscow. Located not far from Moscow, near the village Kamkina. The length of the system is not certain, is about 10,5 - 12,0 km. Extraction was conducted mainly in the XVIII - XIX centuries. But probably
earlier, until the XVI century. Preserved, uneven areas, characterized by different methods of extraction (kolonniki, zabutovannye kolonniki, solid output). In the XX century, especially since the 60's, it has been a place of pilgrimage for tourists due to its underground informal subculture. Equipped grottoes, bas-relief images, drawings on the walls.
9 Wooden Cops Sculptures: Real and Fairy

Wooden Cops Sculptures: Real and Fairy

Such wooden sculptures of Russian traffic cops can be seen in a nice city Khabarovsk. Don't you agree that it is an unusual idea to
make such cute figures and, what is more, to mix the urban reality personages with fairy-tale ones in such a funny way?
16 Jump From the House

Jump From the House

When you have lotsa snow you can have some fun with it like... jumping
from five-stored building into a pile of snow, fun isn't it?
Russian robot in Odessa

13 Guarding Odessa

Guarding Odessa

When entering city of Odessa port one can be greeted by a giant metal robot staying there for years already. Constructed mainly of
auto parts, like hoods etc. - so looking at it we might guess where from the Transformers idea might has appeared.
Russian molecular models
8 Big Molecular Toys

Big Molecular Toys

This team from Moscow, Russia is into making large scale molecular biology stuff as real world object toys, mainly made of plastic, but sometimes they are soft too. It's so geeky these days to go and
buy yourself a 20 inch highly-detailed swine flu virus molecule or DNA helix made of plush for Valentine's day or some other date like that instead the boring plush puppy and stuff.

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