21 The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It

Posted on February 17, 2010 by team

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 1

Do you know what happens with your suitcase in the airport behind the window with rubber cilia after registration?

Passengers leave their baggage when registered for a flight. A label is attached to a suitcase here, it contains information about an owner and his destination.

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 2

Oversized baggage may be checked in at a special check-in counter. Here fragile baggage is labeled as “glass” and sent down not on the common conveyor but on a special elevator.

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 3

The baggage compartment occupies a huge room looking like a small underground town under the airport. Its space is intertwined with a net of baggage conveyors which length is more than 3,5km. All suitcases are descending here on one of the 6 arms.

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 4

First of all the suitcase should be scanned. A scanner reads information on a label, so if you left a label with a bar code from a previous flight  it may confuse the scanner and your baggage will go to additional handling where the needed label will be found by hand whereupon the suitcase will be sent to your flight.

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 5

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 6

Then the suitcase is checked by an introscope if it has any explosives, weapons or other prohibited articles inside.

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 7

A “suspicious” suitcase is sent to undergo more thorough check.

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 8

This check includes computer tomograph and diffraction.

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 9

Dogs are also used to search explosives.

The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It 10


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21 Responses to “The Airport as a Suitcase Sees It”

  1. New Fake Kirov says:

    first!!!!!!!!!!!! Good photos

  2. Ones says:

    Awesome post…. i’ve never seen this before

  3. Ones says:

    Yeah… first after the first….lol
    you fail buddy

  4. Swede says:

    Where are the steps where they crush your bag or sends it to an unknown destination?

  5. DougW says:

    But where is the machine that removes handles and wheels?

  6. LHR says:

    Good pics, they make it appear so organised! if only this was true… hahahaha

  7. strannik says:

    And where are those drunkards and beggars that used to be posted by ER

  8. perristalsis says:

    Not like Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Back in the day when I used to travel a lot for business, I used to “smuggle” beer back from the Western states. Coors just wasn’t sold East of the Rockies. I usually put it in x-ray tube head boxes because it was marked with “caution Radioactive when electrified” stickers all over it, so the workers in baggage handling would never go near it except to load or unload it- always afraid it’d shrivel their own “package” I guess. I did get ripped off once though, so it wasn’t fool proof.

  9. JFG says:

    Glad to see the Russian airlines take as much care as the American ones do when in comes to loading bags on the plane.

    See 13th picture (starting from the bottom photo going up).

    So much for “This side up” markings!

    Here is a good TRUE STORY video of how the U.S. handles you luggage. Bon Voyage!


  10. Taupey says:

    I grew up in Chicago O’Hare Airport, standing inline, with a boarding pass in my hand.

    I have had my luggage trashed so many times not to mentioned lossed, found and delivered sometimes with items missing.

    This is a great article/photographs/post!

    I have always wondered how luggage is handled.

    I’m sure airlines have made improvements over the years, at least I hope they have.

    Thanks for the post author and EnglishRussia Peoples.

  11. DouglasUrantia says:

    Still way too much handling even with these machines. Hard work for the staff. I can’t even imagine doing this for 30 years. I guess you have to admire them.

  12. hooey says:

    On the photo where the bags are loaded onto a green plane, notice that a fragile marked box is turned upside down.

    Oh lame Russians.

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  14. Luggage Gal says:

    Great view into the secret world of baggage. Where are the pics of the TSA checking out your luggage?

  15. That is a really nice read for me, Must admit that you are one of the top bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting that informative article.

  16. goatonastik says:

    Haha! Notice on the conveyor to the plane, the “fragile” box marked “this side up” is upside down :)

    In soviet russia, down is up!

  17. Henk Laundry says:

    When seeing this..it really makes me wonder why the hell the two times I travelled both times my luggage was lost since its so advanced!. Then again..many points where it can go wrong i guess:)
    really interesting photo series

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