9 Vladivostok Maslenitsa

Vladivostok Maslenitsa

Posted on February 14, 2010 by

Russian Maslenitsa holiday 1

This weekend there was “Maslenitsa” party time. Thousands of people across Russia partied and fried big pan cakes, that as been said symbolize the Sun. Maybe we’ll have some more of this tomorrow, just a few shots from Vladivostok city, the Easternmost area of Russia on Pacific Ocean. Looks like they were having good times there.

Russian Maslenitsa holiday 2

Russian Maslenitsa holiday 3

Russian Maslenitsa holiday 4

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9 Responses to “Vladivostok Maslenitsa”

  1. agnot says:

    what is in that bag? Toilet paper and some bubble gum?

  2. DougW says:

    splinters *shudder* splinters

  3. Musa says:

    It looks like they are having a great time splinters and all!

  4. tonepoet says:

    What does the holiday commemorate? I’ll have to look that up as well as why that guy was up on the pole.

    • strannik says:

      They celebrates Maslenitsa (Butter-day), it marks the end of winter. On that day slavs burn down the doll of Winter, it’s the main show of the holyday which came from the distant times. The author of that post should have been said something about it

  5. StanSki says:

    Looks like a great party!

  6. Ivana Benderova says:

    Is that you musa in skyblue pillowfight and tree-hugging???

  7. Guilherme says:

    That guy on the pole made me remember the greasy pole, a game played here in Brazil in June season

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