24 They make weather

They make weather

Posted on February 11, 2010 by team


The only hard-to-reach weather station “Aigba” on the territory of Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana located 2225m above sea level. No internet connection, no landline. All data are noted in a table and dictated on the cellphone. They do not drink, watch TV for many hours, cook food and feel detachment from the world. Their salary is ridiculous – 6000 rubles – about 200 US dollars, they are here to be free… On the photos the guys are at work.

They make weather 2They make weather 3They make weather 4They make weather 5They make weather 6They make weather 7They make weather 8They make weather 9They make weather 10They make weather 11

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24 Responses to “They make weather”

  1. LameFox says:

    6000ru per what…?

  2. hm says:

    Best job in the world :)

    • Ivana Benderova says:

      Yes a graeat job… IF you are similar to musa and taupey. Many men, and nothing else to do! LOL!

      • Musa says:

        Hag baby, I know you want to go down on your knees and run your warm hands up the back of my muscular legs, to tightly cup my azz and thrust me forward so you can hungrily worship me like a mighty Pagan God!

        LOL, Keep dreaming Hag cause I will never be what you want me to be, a man!

        Try Phat Boris! :D

    • Ones says:

      Best job ?? you must be kidding buddy, you could you do in this frozen place and paid for only 6k ru

  3. vandriciuc says:

    Nice first photo

  4. Zen says:

    Is it a snowboard on the third photo from the end? Cool. You go for a ski tour and they pay you 200 bucks. No lines and always fresh deep snow.

    Great pics!

    • Hansjörg says:

      There are no lines from other people going by snowboard. Thats true. But there are no lifts too. You have to walk all way up without any help. The more you ski down the more you have to walk up.

  5. Mikhail Mordasov says:

    thanks you
    I’m a photographer with this story

  6. Great! Thank you ER and the photographer for these cool pictures!

  7. New Fake Kirov says:

    8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the pics.

  8. Musa says:

    Wonderful Photographs! I especially love the last picture. Thank You! :)

  9. New Fake Kirov says:

    Make that 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. New Fake Kirov says:

    12th? maybe

  11. Ivanna fuschalottaalloveryourface says:

    looks a bit nipply out there..

  12. Musa says:

    I apologize Robert for my comment. I did not think it would be published. That’s all I have to say.

    Sincerely, Musa

  13. K says:

    Could you ask them for pictures of their living quarters? Snow isn’t very interesting when there’s only snow… but in what conditions they live would be cool to know.

  14. Hansjörg says:

    How is a cell phone working when there are no landlines? Cellular network requires base stations with landline connections. And it doesn’t look like there are many base station outside in that landscape. There are no customers for a cellular network to make it worth to install base stations.

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