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Star Wars

Posted on February 11, 2010 by team


In the 1960s-80s in the USSR there was fulfilled a great number of satellite killers tests. During this warfare there were launched land ballistic missiles, antimissiles, military satellites (including counterweapons) and it made a great impression on the USA. This warfare of the Soviet nuclear force was called “7-hours Nuclear War”, it forced America to start creation of antisatellite and anti-missile systems of new generation.

“Star Wars” program – the Strategic Defense Initiative proclaimed by Ronald Reagan (1983).


In the USA there were a lot of exotic projects of space battle station with use of kinetic, laser and particle beam weapons.


The Soviet maneuverable satellites “Polyot-1” and “Polyot”-2 (Flight-1 and 2) made to fight American military spy-satellites.


NPO Energia – a military missile station equipped with laser and missile weapons.


On the basis of NPO Energia there were developed two weapon systems: 17F19 “Skif” – applying laser weapons and 17F111 “Kaskad” – a system applying missile weapons.

The missile station “Kaskad”.


Interception missile.


For orbiting rockets testing it was decided to mount them on cargo vehicles “Progress”.


The space station for terrestrial targets destruction applying self-contained modules with destruct units of ballistic and glide types.


The Remote Weapon Station is on its mission.


“Buran” shuttle. In fact its destructive units represent glide nuclear bombs.


“Skif” station.


“Skif-D” project. The vehicle was 40m long, its max. diameter was 4.1m and weight was approximately 95 tons.


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    All just a dream…

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    5th!!!!!!!!!! Lots of things and stuff in Russia.

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    Keep dreaming

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    Russia is a nation of “Space Cadets.”

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    What an incredibly huge waste of money on both sides.

  12. I can’t just figure out why nasa’s and the ussr spaceship looks the same.

    • Philippe says:

      In my opinion, the same looks is dependant from space contraints and physical laws, and also from both rivals spying…

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    Gorbachov,A great man!

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    nice conception it is one of those things that makes me think, what if…

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